The lens for perfect vision and protection in all weather conditions.

High contrast green-yellow color enhances the colour and depth perception by allowing as much light as possible to reach the eye. Polarization eliminates the glare that interferes with vision in low light conditions.

Copper colour blocks excess light and emphasizes green and red liht for improved contrast and depth perception. Polarization ensures a safe ride by eliminating disturbing glare.

The dark red-brown color maximally blocks excess light outdoors and in high ambient light conditions. Polarization provides maximum comfort in bright light conditions by blocking blinding glare.

Drivewear lenses darken in variety of lighting conditions outside and behind the windshield.

The polarizer eliminates disturbing light reflections from water, road and other smooth surfaces. They are excellent in strong sunlight accompanied by intense, bright light, as well as in cloudy, low light conditions. They provide protection against glare with a polarizer, and adapt to various lighting conditions with photochromatic layers that react to both visible and UV light.

The picture shows the layers included in a Drivewear lens.