Trivex - for rimless specatcles

Trivex lenses are extremely resistant to breakage and are a great choice for rimless glasses.

It is light organic lens with HMC coatings. Due to its exceptional strength, it can be made with a thickness in the center of only 1.2 mm and is thinner than polycarbonate at minus correction value. The minimum thickness at the hole is only 1.2mm, so it is extremely thin even in plus correction value.

Trivex is currently the only lens that combines the excellent properties of Polycarbonate and CR39. Due to its strength, it is very suitable for rimless and half-rim frames. There are no internal stresses in the glass, so it does not crack at the holes. Unlike polycarbonate, it is characterized by solvent resistance.

The glasses are made of original PPG® material. The latest version Transitions GEN8 darkens faster from dark to bright. Very suitable for night driving.

NXT and NXT Polar

The basis of every NXT polarized lens is Trivex® material.
It is a modern polymer derived from technology originally developed for military aviation.

The surprisingly lightweight Trivex® material provides the perfect balance of visual and physical properties and provides incredible durability and protection, along with exceptional optical clarity.
NXT® is simply the best material for demanding sunglasses.

Light Translation Technology® – Light Transition Technology

Each NXT® glass is made with Light Transition Technology. It is a combination of revolutionary material and light transmission control technology that satisfies even the most demanding customers.
Thus, NXT® lenses are the only ones that improve the clarity and detail of the image in all lighting conditions and at the same time are extremely impact-resistant.

Each NXT® lens is designed to transmit light with specific spectral curves and optimize transmittance within the entire light spectrum.
NXT® lenses allow much more than just cosmetic corrections, as they filter light at different wavelengths and thus improve viewing by controlling contrast, color and image clarity.

Advantages of Trivex and NXT lenses:
• high strength, ideal for rimless and half-rim frames
• there is no risk of cracking in the holes
• very low weight
• low chromatic aberration – Abbe no. 45
• solvent resistant
• minimum hole thickness only 1.2 mm
• Transitions implementation: 11 to 85% dimming responds quickly
• 100% UVA and UVB protection

NXT lenses are available in following colours:

colour name absorption % darkening category
gray NXT Gray 85 3
brown NXT Brown 85 3
G15 (green-gray) NXT G15 85 3
copper NXT Copper 85 3
orange NXT Orange 50 1
olive NXT Olive 70 2
polarised gray NXT Polar Gray 85 3
polarised brown NXT Polar Brown 85 3
polarised G15 NXT Polar G15 85 3
photochromatic gray NXT Varia Gray 60 – 88 2 – 3
photochromatic brown NXT Varia Brown 60 – 89 2 – 3
photochromatic copper NXT Varia Copper 55 – 84 1 – 3
photochromatic active NXT Varia Active 53 – 89 1 – 3

Darkening (tinting) intensity of photochromatic lenses depends on the temperature – at lower temperatures the lenses will get darker.

It is also affected by mirror coating – this coating reflects light and photochromic intensity is reduced.