I got my first prescription ski goggles at the end of last year’s skiing season, but I didn’t have the chance to try them out until now. I used to combine contact lenses with ski goggles or wear ordinary sport prescription spectacles. I’m a proud owner of Atomic prescription goggles and I can only confirm that the field of view is wider than with normal sport spectacles. I also like the fact that it can’t be seen that I wear prescription frame. I have single vision lenses installed at the moment, but the next ones will definetly be progressives. Obviously because they are more versatile, I can use them while skiing and also while using the cableway and checking my phone and heartmonitor.

The ski slopes are finally open, there is really a lot of snow this year, all we need is some sunshine now, so we can start enjoying the winter.


The ski goggles can indeed be quite expensive. Especially if they come with prescription lenses.

But so are the skis and the accompanying ski shoes, the skipasses for the entire family etc.

But these goggles are more than what they appear to be:

  • the lenses and the frame are custom made, tailored to user’s needs (skiis and ski shoes on the other hand aren’t)
  • they provide unlimited field of view
  • prescription lenses are directly integrated, for ease of use – no clip-in
  • appropriate for higher prescription values
  • in case of accident, the lenses stay in their place, minimizing the possibility of injuries
  • it is crucial to have good vision. especially with constant shifting form shadow to bright light accompanied by high speed
  • EU and USA registered patent.



SK-X® integration technology is further improved to make prescription goggles look very similar to ordinary goggles by placing the optical lenses very close to our eyes. The edges of prescription lenses are barely visible and you will be able to experience extremely wide angle of vision without limitations. The front shield ensures high contrast vision for exceptional comfort.

Increasing safety of athletes is priority of this project from the very start – this being the common goal of Alcom and SK-X®.

Together we provide more safety and pleasure at sport activities. With a ski helmet as a neccessary additional equipment of course.  

The future of optical ski goggles is direct integration of prescription lenses!

Assembly of SK-X ski goggles with Alcom prescription lenses:

  • transparent adapter for mounting of prescription lenses
  • black 3 D printed parts that keep the lenses closer to our eyes as with ordinary spectacles
  • all parts are assembled with a UV resistant glue in an air tight chamber to prevent dust particles to enter the goggles
  • the lenses can be replaced as the prescription changes

SKI GOGGLES MODELS for Alcom prescription lenses direct integration:



All models available with precription lenses at your nearest optician.