Magic progressive lenses provide excellent vision at all viewing distances. Starting from a distance area, through an intermediate area, to near vision. NanoHDVision technology completely personalizes the lens. It takes diopter values into account, the facial anatomy, and the dimension and shape of the frame

Versions Magic Fusion Steady, Endless/Sport for different lifestyles:

  • Normal (hard design) for everyday use
  • Soft with a soft design for beginners
  • Outdoor & Drive for predominantly far viewing
  • Indoor for predominantly close-up viewing
  • Sport for curved frames

Magic MAX is a progressive lens with the highest possible level of personalization. It adapts to the individual way in which each user sees the world around him.

Personalization is achieved with a virtual reality system that analyzes the user’s visual perception.

Virtual Reality set

Magic MAX

  • the virtual reality system places the user in a 3D environment where the object ob observation is located – a hummingbird or a drone
  • the object moves in all directions – at greater, medium and near distances
  • the user is following this object by moving his eyes and his head
  • the system calculates the ratio between tracking an object with eye movements and tracking an object with head movements
  • based on the analysis of the vision profile of the user, lenses are calculated and produced, completely personalised to user’s way of observation

user’s visual profile

Magic Comparison table

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