MyoControl lenses are a solution to control the progression of myopia.

It has been scientifically proven that when the peripheral part of the image is projected in front of the retina, the elongation of the axial length of the eyeball is prevented. MyoControl lenses thus control advancing of myopia.

The innovative design uses the principle of peripheral defocusing, which is the most accepted model for stopping the progression of myopia.

MyoControl features a symmetrical and concentric diopter distribution that homogeneously stimulates the peripheral retina, where the cells that control the development of myopia are located.

The central area with an unchanged diopter ensures sharp and comfortable vision.

The results of using MyoControl lenses have shown that the progression of myopia is significantly slowed down. Study of ProCrea Tech (PDF, 441 KB).


  • optional entering of the individual parameters
  • also for higher dioptries
  • antireflective coatings Ultra/Blue are recommended
  • FreeForm manufacturing
  • fast adaptation (few days) and comfortable vision
  • available in all organic materials
  • effective UV protection
  • mounting in sun glasses is also possible: colouring, NXT, polarization, … – also with Mirror coatings
refractive index 1.50, 1.53, 1.59, 1.61, 1.67, 1.74
variants white, BlueViolet Blocker, Transitions, FotoFast, Polar, NXT, NXT Polar, NXT Varia
coatings Opal Ultra, Opal Ultra Blue, Mirror
personalisation optional nanoHDVision, when individual parameters are entered
parameters PD, Height, Panto, ZTILT, Vertex, base curve
decentration up to 12mm
diameter up to 75/80mm
range Sph: 0 / -10, Cyl -4
centering centering cross on pupil centre