Personalized free-form progressive lens for maximum performance during outdoor activities.

The primary objective of lenses in sunglasses for outdoor sports activities is to provide the user with sharp vision and the widest field of view.

Magic Endless Sport Progressive lenses offer virtually panoramic vision. No other  progressive lenses from Alcom have ever achieved such a wide visual field. 

The latest nanoHDVision2 calculation technology ensures maximum visual performance regardless of prescription or the selected frame. 

For active people who want impeccable distance vision.

Distance fields adapted to active lifestyles

Magic Endless Sport Progressive lenses allow wearers to have virtually panoramic distance vision. Thanks to its unique configuration, the astigmatism lobes are moved away from the primary gaze position. The wearer enjoys a clear 180° field of view.
Their architecture maintains an effective field of vision for viewing near objects providing optimal visual comfort at all times.

High definition for wrapped frames

When the patient needs prescription lenses for wrapped sunglasses or sport frames, it is essential that the final lenses are optimized based on the frame parameters to correctly compensate for oblique aberrations. 


Magic Endless Sport Progressive lenses incorporate advanced NanoHDvision 2 calculation technology to virtually eliminate oblique aberrations. This provides patients with clear vision in all useful areas of the lens, regardless of the curvature of their chosen frame.

The design is enhanced, by a complete set of individualization parameters that take into consideration the unique attributes of the frame and the preferences of the wearer. If no parameters are provided, NanoHDvision 2 will utilize default values.

Lens power differs from prescribed power.  The design is calculated, point by point, to ensure wearers perceive the proper power when looking through their lenses at every distance and direction of gaze, including near distances for viewing electronic devices.

The perceived power distribution remains stable, regardless of the prescription or base curve. This is especially beneficial for high prescriptions and large or wrapped frames.


Widest far view zone.

Unmatched dynamic vision with comfortable and precise focus at any distance.

Optimized fields of view, even with highly wrapped frames and higher prescriptions.

Near elimination of peripheral blur.