4-axis robotized edgers

The MEI641 and EZFit industrial 4-axis edgers enable our lens mounting department to grind lenses quickly and accurately with simple or complex facet types.

Using six motors with diamond tools, straight and inclined v-facets, grooves, holes, polishing, safety bevels can be made,…

The T-bevel, step-back and HM drill tools, in combination with four machining axes, enable us to perfectly mount all types of lenses in most sports frames.

Huvitz Kaizer

In addition to the industrial lens edging machines, we also use the classic Huvitz Kaizer machines, which are used to mount lenses into classic and half-rim frames.

Our company is also an agent for Huvitz, for which we offer sales and service of all machines and refractive / diagnostic devices.

It is possible to test the machines in our company.


Ophtalmic equipment Huvitz



Our edgers allows the engraving of markings on the front of the glass. We can engrave texts, labels or complex logos on all types of organic lenses, with all types of coatings. Engraving is performed as the last step in edging. The engravings are durable and do not damage the lenses or coatings.

Example of engraving Alcom Sport lenses. Logo width 11mm, line thickness 0.2mm.