Alcom’s additional coatings are of top quality and extremely durable.
From our best anti-reflective coatings Opal Ultra and Opal UltraUV, which provide excellent vision and protection against dirt and scratches, to reflex coatings Mirror that make glasses fashionable.

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Protection against dirt, dust, drops, dew and scratches on Opal Ultra glass:

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Left the glass without coating – drops, prints, dust. On the right the glass with Opal Ultra coating – clean surface.


Effective protection against UV rays – Opal UltraUV

UV light coming from the front is absorbed into the lens.

With conventional anti-reflections, some UV light coming from behind the user is reflected into the eye.
Opal UltraUV prevents the reflection of this light – it is absorbed in the lens.

Other properties are the same as Opal Ultra.

Opal UltraUV is available on all organic lenses.

Complete eye protection

Opal UltraUV, lens coloring, polarization and Blue Violet Blocker provide complete protection against harmful rays.


Opal Ultra coatings provide excellent vision in all conditions of use.

Advantages of LENSES with Opal Ultra coating:

  • glare eliminated
  • improved vision quality
  • high optical quality
  • hard layer for greater wear resistance
Reflective coatinig – Mirror Blue, Blue Sky, Green, Red, Silver in Gold


Mirror Rose

Mirror BlueSky

Mirror Red

Mirror Blue

Mirror Green

Mirror Silver

Mirror Gold

These coatings apply to the outside of the glass. Applies to all dark lenses – 1.5, 1.53 NXT, 1.61, 1.67, Polar, single vision, Sport, progressive,…

We recommend them in combination with the internal anti-reflective coating Opal UltraUV. Both coatings, Mirror and Opal UltraUV, also have a hard coating for greater scratch resistance and a self-cleaning coating for easier cleaning, less dew and less dirt adhesion.

Not recommended for lenses less than 75% tinted, as well as for photosensitive lenses (which are very bright when not activated).
The reason is in the fact that the Mirror coating reflects light in both directions. The light coming from behind would be reflected into the eye with bright lenses and the user would see the reflection of his eye in the lens.
With coloured lenses, virtually all of the light is absorbed in the lens and there is no distracting reflection.

Hard coating

Organic lenses are extremely light and break resistant, so they are very popular. The material itself is softer and more sensitive to mechanical impacts than mineral glass.

Therefore, a hard layer is applied to all lenses to increase the scratch resistance.

The hard layer is also an integral part of Opal Ultra, Opal Ultra Blue, Opal UltraUV and Mirror coatings, which ensure a long lifetime.

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Spectacle users are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the eyes from strong sunlight, so many choose sunglasses that incorporate tinted corrective lenses.

We offer a wide range of colors for them at Alcom. All our organic lenses can be colored in:

  • standard colors such as brown, gray and gray-green, in a degree of darkening from barely noticeable 10% absorption to strong darkening 80%
  • graduated colors, ie darker at the top and lighter at the bottom
  • bicolor, where the upper part is strongly colored in one color and the lower part is slightly colored in another, lighter color
  • colours, that are identical to the original, non-dioptric lenses in sunglasses
  • in a variety of fashion colors
  • in special medical colours for special purposes, such as e.g. post-operative condition, photosensitivity,…
  • contrasting colors developed for special purposes in sports, work and specific professions.

All Alcom tinted glasses 100% block all UV-A and UV-B light.




Indoors, cloudy weather, night drive

100 –


0 –



low light

80 –


20 –



intermediate light

43 –


57 –



strong light- sea, mountains

18 –


82 –



Extremely strong light, driving is not allowed even during the day

8 –


92 –



What does the user get?

– quality colours and effective UV protection with a practically unlimited life time,
– the quality is checked by spectral analysis with an industrial photo spectrometer,
– the process of colouring and applying layers does not change the diopter action,
– we offer a guarantee for quality.


– in the case of colouring according to sample, the color of the lenses is identical to the original sun lenses,
– graduate tint is very suitable for drivers (in the tunnel, looking through the lower, brighter part allows safe driving),
– possibility of colouring in two colours – bicolor,
– when tinting, we take into account the wishes of users,
e.g. the length of the graduate part of the lens,
– unlimited number of colors and shades,
– we also color thinned lenses, e.g. 1.61 and 167 over 85%,
– the lenses can also be coloured with medical filters.


Prolonged exposure to UV rays increases the risk of permanent eye damage. Some injuries heal, while others can lead to permanent vision loss. UV rays are completely invisible and therefore all the more dangerous, especially on sunny days when the UV index is highest. Altitude UV rays are also dangerous (in the mountains and on snow there is a very dangerous reflection from snow) because every 1000 altitude meters the radiation increases by 10%.
This is why quality sun lenses are extremely important.

All additional protections are permanent.