Product codes

In Alcom we introduced a new manufacturing information system. In order to make our products compatible with the new system, we have created new 6-character codes.

Product code consists of:
– 3 characters for type (e.g. M4A for Magic Alpha Normal, M6V Magic Alpha VIP Outdoor, SCA for Opal SuperClean Asph, UCS for UnCoated Spheric), and
– 3 characters for material (e.g. 5OW for 1.50 Organic White, 6TG for 1.61 Transitions Gray, 7PB for 1.67 Polar Brown).

Lens type code

Code Lens type
M4F Mag Fusion
M5F Mag Fusion Steady
M2F Mag Fusion Indoor
M6F Mag Fusion Outdoor
MSF Mag Fusion Soft
M4V Mag Alpha VIP
M2V Mag Alpha VIP Indoor
M6V Mag Alpha VIP Outdoor
M6S Mag Alpha VIP Sport
MSV Mag Alpha VIP Soft
M4A Mag Alpha
M2A Mag Alpha Indoor
M6A Mag Alpha Outdoor
MSA Magic Alpha Soft
M4B Magic Beta
M4G Magic Gamma
SPO Sport
ACM Acomoda
RDR Reader
PST Perfastar
LTA Lental
AMF Medical filter
ACC Access
C28 Bifo C28
S28 Bifo S28
PRA Proal
PRG Graduate
OPS Opal
OPA Opal Asph
SCA OpalSC Asph

Lens materials codes

Code Lens Material
5OW 150 Organic White
5TB 150 Trans Brown
5TG 150 Trans Gray
5TE 150 Trans Green
5TX 150 Trans Xtra
5PB 150 Polar Brown
5PG 150 Polar Gray
5PE 150 Polar G15
5P1 150 Polar Gray1
SB6 150 Sun Brown B6
SG6 150 Sun Gray B6
SE6 150 Sun G15 B6
SB8 150 Sun Brown B8
SG8 150 Sun Gray B8
SE8 150 Sun G15 B8
SBG 150 Sun Brown Grad B6
SGG 150 Sun Gray Grad B6
SEG 150 Sun G15 Grad B6
TOW 153 Trivex White
TTB 153 Trivex Trans Brown
TTG 153 Trivex Trans Gray
TPB 153 Trivex Polar Brown
TPG 153 Trivex Polar Gray
TPE 153 Trivex Polar G15
BOW 160 Tribrid White
6OW 160 Organic White
6TB 160 Trans Brown
6TG 160 Trans Gray
6TX 160 Trans Xtra
6PB 160 Polar Brown
6PG 160 Polar Gray
6PE 160 Polar G15
7OW 167 Organic White
7TB 167 Trans Brown
7TG 167 Trans Gray
7PB 167 Polar Brown
7PG 167 Polar Gray
7PE 167 Polar G15
4OW 174 Organic White
4TB 174 Trans Brown
4TG 174 Trans Gray
5DW 150 Drivewear
NPB NXT Polar Brown
NPG NXT Polar Gray
NPE NXT Polar G15
NVC NXT Vario Copper
NOR NXT Orange
NVG NXT Vario Gray
NVB NXT Vario Brown
MOW 156 Organic White
MTB 156 Photo Brown
5MW 150 Mineral White
5MB 150  Mineral PBX
5MG 150 Mineral PGX
6MW 160 Mineral White
6MB 160 Mineral PBX
7MW 170 Mineral White
8MW 180 Mineral White
9MW 190 Mineral White
SMB 150 Sun Mineral Brown

Codes of colours and additional coatings

Colour codes consist of colour (i.e. BR10 for Brown, BRG for Brown Graduated) and absorption percentage.

Codes for additional coatings are abreviations of names.

Code(colour and absporption) Name  Description
BR10 – BR90 Brown 10% – Brown 90% Brown
BRG10 – BRG90 Brown Grad 10% – Brown Grad 90% Brown graduated
GE10 – GE90 Green 10% – Green 90% Green
GEG10 – GEG90 Green Grad 10% – Green Grad 90% Green graduated
GG10 – GG90 GreenGray 10% – GreenGray 90% Grey-Green
GGG10 – GGG90 GreenGray Grad 10% – GreenGray Grad 90% Grey-Green graduated
GR10 – GR90 Gray 10% – Gray 90% Grey
GRG10 – GRG90 Gray Grad 10% – Gray Grad 90% Grey graduated
BL10 – BL30 Blue 10% – Blue 30% Blue
BLG10 – BLG30 Blue Grad 10% – Blue Grad 30% Blue graduated
YL10 – YL30 Yellow 10% – Yellow 30% Yellow
YLG10 – YLG30 Yellow Grad 10% Yellow graduated
RD10 – RD30 Red 10% – Red 30% Red
RDG10 – RDG30 Red Grad 10% – Red Grad 30% Red graduated
RO10 – RO30 Rose 10% – Rose 30% Rose
ROG10 – ROG30 Rose Grad 10% – Rose Grad 30% Rose graduated
OR10 – OR30 Orange 10% – Orange 30% Orange
ORG10 – ORG30 Orange Grad 10% – Orange Grad 30% Orange graduated
PU10 – PU30 Purple 10% – Purple 30% Violet
PUG10 – PUG30 Purple Grad 10% – Purple Grad 10% Violet graduated
CO10 – CO90 Copper 10% – Copper 90% Copper
COG10 – COG90 Copper Grad 10% – Copper Grad 90% Copper graduated
MFRD1 Med Filter Red 1 Medical filter in red colour
MFYL1 Med Filter Yellow 1 Medical filter in yellow colour
MFOR1 Med Filter Orange 1 Medical filter in orange colour
COLS01 Colour Sample Colour per sample
COLS02 Colour Sample Grad Colour per sample – graduated
BIC1 Bicolour 1 Double colour – up dark, down light colour
Code Description
OP Opal
OPI Opal Inside
SC Opal SuperClean
SCI Opal SuperClean Inside
UL Opal Ultra
ULI Opal Ultra Inside
ULUV Opal UltraUV
ULUVI Opal UltraUV Inside
 -HC  – Hard Coat
HC Hard Coat
UV4 UV 400
DEC Decoat
ARS AR Mineral
SPC1 Special 1
BIC1 Bicolour 1
BIC2 Bicolour 2
MAT Matting
MIRB22 Mirror Blue 22%
MIRS22 Mirror Silver 22%
MIRE22 Mirror Green 22%
MIRR22 Mirror Red 22%
MIRG22 Mirror Gold 22%
PRSM1  Prism 1
CTO Optimized