Easy ordering and thickness calculation with AlcomOnline

Why do we recommend that you use the AlcomOnline ordering program?

  • easy ordering even outside working hours, 24 hours a day
  • excellent roverview of placed orders
  • automatic thickness calculation
  • comparison of different types of lenses by thickness and weight
  • Lux thinning preview
  • the connection to the tracer allows you to send forms together with the order
  • we enable precisely edged glass to the desired shape with the option of remote edging and mounting the lenses yourself.

Instructions for installing and updating AlcomOnline and frequently asked questions about using AlcomOnline can be found in the published video content.





Download AlcomOnline



Video instruction for installation

Alcomonline ordering

Video instruction for upgrade


1. Click on to link AlcomOnlineSetup (44 MB), Download, Save file. Some browsers could warn you about the safety of the file. You can confirm that you will accept the file.
Start the program AlcomOnlineSetup20160218.exe, Yes, Next, Accept, Next, leave Destination folder C:LensOrder, Install.

Dowload AlcomOnline

2. Start the program. If you need help, click Help, Remote maintenance, “Yes”. Please contact Alcom for support. Alcom will remotely connect to your computer and make sure your settings are correct and will then assist you on how to use the program.

3. Click on to menu Extras, Settings and enter your details:
– General: Select printer. The size of the print is set with Form Enlargement, so the size of lenses will be real on the printout.
– Customer data: Enter your company data:
– Customer No: this number is assigned to you by ALCOM*
– Customer group: is a data of a parent company
– Name, Street, Place, zip code: Company name, street, city, postal code
– Password: password is provided to you by ALCOM*

* please send the request for Customer number and Password here

Save is for storing data. Other data can be set up by ALCOM (remotly).


In Alcom we constantly improve our products and services. Each novelty is immediately available in AlcomOnline, we recommend regularly (daily) upgrades of products:

4. Click on to Extras, Product data Update online (updating lenstypes, additional treatments and frames):

For program upgrade press Extras, Program update online:

We recommend regular updating of the program. We will inform you about the available upgrades.

The program is ready for use!


1. All orders are in the start window. You can also see order statuses here. Click the New button for a new order.

2. Select order type:

Standard for ordering of lenses with a diameter optimized for the shape sent (lenses will be sent round / oval, without edging to shape),
Remote edging for the order of lenses edged to shape (lenses will be sent edged to shape, optician will mount lenses in the frame),
Glazing for ordering of lenses, that will be mounted in frames, sent by optician.
Spectacles for ordering of complete spectacles (lenses and ordered frames).

NEW: Use the filters on the left to select the refractive index (1.50 – 1.74), colour (White, Photo / Polar) and type of lens (progressive, office, single-vision).

3. Enter customer information: Sphere, Cylinder, Axis, Addition, Prisms, PD, Height. More about correct height measurement:

4. Select Lens Type, Color, AR Coating. Coloring codes and additional coatings depend on the type of glass, e.g. tinting is not possible with Transitions glasses.

5. Select the diameter of the lens, the desired thickness at the edge or in the center, the base curve.

6. In the Reference, enter order number, enter your note in the Remark.

7. Click the Individual button to enter additional parameters:
– Vertex (standard 14, optional 0 – 30mm),
– Pantoscopic inclination (line standard 9°, single-vision 7°, optional 0 – 25°)
– Reading distance in centimeters (standard 40, optional 20 – 60cm),
– Wrapping angle of the frame (more on Map for measuring the horizontal curvature of the frame), (standard 5°, optional 0° – 21°)
– Inset (nasal shift of the near field of the lens relative to the far field), (standard 2.5, optional 0 – 6mm)
– Minimum fitting height,
– Diameter of the Lux lenti field of view,
– Lenticode – thinning type for Lux lenses (_LP for negative and _LPES for positive diopters),
– Engraving of initials,
– Degression – reduction of Reader work lenses (0.50 – 2.25D).

Click Save to save the data.

8. If you have a tracer connected, click the Form data tab, the Trace shape button, and the frame information is downloaded from the tracer. Also select the frame type, facet, depth and width for the nylor groove, base and wrapping angle of the frame.

9. Instead of manually entering the lens diameter or tracing the frame, you can select one of the standard frames by clicking the Manage form button. You can change the dimensions of the lens by clicking the Change shape button.

10. You can also select a frame on the Frames tab. All frame data, including the required glass thicknesses, is already set. Confirm the selected box by clicking the Load Frame button.

11. To calculate the glass thicknesses, click the Calculation button on the Lens or Form data tab.
By clicking on the Comparative glass, you can select the type of glass to compare the thicknesses.

Click the Calculate lens button. Thicknesses, base curves, and weights are calculated in 10 to 20 seconds. The same server is used for the calculation as for the calculation of the lenses in Alcom’s production, so the thicknesses are accurate – deviation up to 0.1mm!

The Calculation tab contains basic information about calculating glasses:

The Geometry tab contains a graphical display of thicknesses, data on thicknesses at the main points of the glass and weight.

By the difference in diopters between the right and left glass, you can equalize the thicknesses. Estimate the minimum thickness of thinner glass (Edge thickness, minimum). Click the Exit button and enter this thickness in the Minimum edge thickness field on the Lenses tab.

12. Click the Save button to save the order. You can now enter a new order. Click Exit to return to the order list.

Prepared orders (Status Ready) can be edited by clicking the Edit button.

To stop sending an order, left-click it, then right-click to open the status change window.

By clicking on the Send button, the order is sent to Alcom. Changes are possible up to 30 minutes after placing the order. Changes must be notified by telephone to delay the manufacture of the lenses!


Settings can be performed by Alcom

Prolific U232 Aten UC232

At Alcom, we are happy to advise you on the use of the AlcomOnline program. For help, press Help, Remote maintenance, OK,… and call our supporters who will connect to your computer and help you use the program!