We present you the most desired ophthalmic equipment on the market at the moment. By purchasing ophthalmic equipment, you get free installation, technical assistance and training for the use of instruments.

Instruments for diagnostic

Biomicroscope HS-7000

An advanced optical system based on Galileo’s converged binocular optical system provides a wide field of view, natural image and high accuracy.

HS – 7000

Data system HIS-5000 Huvitz Imaging System

From diagnosis and patient data management to presentation and image processing.

HIS – 5000


Fully automated measurement and compensation of corneal thickness allows simple and accurate tonometry.


Edging equipment

Tracer / blocker with touchscreen – HAB-8000X

Huvitz Kaizer is device for precise, fast and simple frame tracing and lens edging.

Auto-Blocker with Frame Reader

HAB – 8000X

Automatic edger HPE-8000X

The HPE-8000X enables precision edging of organic lenses, Trivex, Tribrid and polycarbonate. There is no unwanted lens turning during processing and it is ideal for smooth, super-hydrophobic lenses.

HPE – 8000X

Automatic drilling machine HDM-8000

The HDM-8000 enables simultaneous edging and drilling, which significantly shortens machining time.

HDM – 8000

Kaizer HFR-8000X

Tracer for remote edging and online sending the shape.

HFR – 8000X

Instruments for refraction

Digital Lensmeter HLM-7000P

The HLM – 7000P combines exceptional precision and ease of use.

HLM – 7000P

Autorefraktor / Keratometer HRK-8000A

Advanced autorefractor HRK – 8000A

HRK – 8000A

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