Transitions are light organic lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight so you won’t need additional sunglasses. Alcom Transitions lenses will provide you with a great visual experience, comfort and protection along with the following properties:

bright as regular lenses inside and at night

– dark as sunglass lenses in strong sunlight

– quick darkening

– quick reversal to normal brightness

– 100% blocking of harmful UV rays

– reduced glare

– reduced eye strain and tearing

– improved contrast

– just the right amount of darkening according to the available sunlight

Transitions lenses are available as 1.5 index lenses for weaker prescriptions as well as 1.61 or 1.67 high index lenses for moderate and strong prescriptions.

We recommend an Opal or Opal SuperClean coating to improve the image quality.

Transitions are photosensitive lenses that offer quick darkening and lightening. Brown and Grey: 10-80%.

Almost perfect lightening make them appropriate for night driving. Full UVA and UVB protection.

Darkening is now less defendant on the lighting. TS, Super AR Leybold, Hydrophobic and Clean Coat add-ons with a very hard HC layer and low reflective values.


We recommend Transitions® XTRActive™ to all customers that spend most of their time outside and like slightly tinted lenses. They provide strong outdoor tinting which makes them perfect for active users.


– Up to 90% darkening outside

– Moderately darken behind a windshield (up to 50%)

– 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays

– Slightly tinted indoors

– Also available with OPAL and OPAL SUPER CLEAN coatings

– Available in gray

THE DARKEST Transitions® photochromic lenses which darken even behind a windshield!


All photochromic lenses have better darkening properties at lower temperatures. The provided darkening percentages are valid at 23°C.

The sun rays also impact the darkening, such as morning and evening sun, clouds, partial shade…

It is also affected by mirror coating – this coating reflects light and photochromic intensity is reduced.