Polarized lenses eliminate distracting light reflections from water, snow and road surfaces. They provide excellent vision in all sports activities, driving and working outdoors.

When reflected from a smooth flat surface, the light is horizontally polarized and causes a disturbing glare. This light obscures and disturbs the true picture. Only polarized lenses block disturbing and dangerous light reflections. NuPolar® Polaroid lenses provide comfortable viewing and increase safety.

Lenses can be made in refractive indices:

  • 1.50, 1.61 and 1.67: gray, brown, green (approx. 85% darkening)
  • 1.53 Trivex: gray, brown (approx. 85% darkening)

Patented polarizing film technology provides excellent properties of NuPolar® lenses:

Disturbing reflections on ordinary lenses and a clear image on Polar glasses


Nupolar Infinite Gray – the most versatile Rx sunglasses!
In these lenses, polarization technology is combined with photochromatic and currently offers the widest spectrum of light absorption.

Nupolar Infinite Gray can be the lightest or darkest polarized lenses in the same glasses, depending on the lighting conditions. Polarization is always fully effective and blocks virtually all unwanted reflections.

The unique photochromatic technology ensures that Nupolar Infinite Gray glasses adapt to light properties extremely quickly and provide the right amount of light in all conditions.

Bright state – 60% absorption
Dark state – 91% absorption

Display of sight / vision through lenses with and without polarization.