When driving at night, the lack of light causes impaired vision, increases the chance of an accident and causes fatigue. In addition, one in three users experience night myopia, which significantly reduces the ability to focus on distant objects. With drivers in mind, we at Alcom have added Magic Drive progressive lenses to our product portfolio.

Magic Drive

Magic Drive is a unique, customised progressive lens, specially adapted for driving. It provides greater visual sharpness and reduces eye strain. Magic Drive lense includes additional dioptre correction (up to 0.25 D) in the upper part to compensate for the effects of night myopia.

Magic Drive progressive lenses provide the user with 14.6% less unwanted astigmatism, compared to higher-end lenses for general use. Magic Drive progressive lenses improves vision in the lateral areas of the lens and increase the field of vision.

Magic Drive progressive lenses are 70% wider in distance area and 45% wider in the upper intermediate area compared to higher-end general-purpose progressive lenses. Drivers will enjoy an extended view of the road.

Endless drive 2
By incorporating IOT Digital Ray-Path® 2, Technology the lens optimization process takes into account the wearer’s accommodative ability to focus on different distances. The level of customization is therefore much more sophisticated and effective than previous methods.
97% of wearers who have used Magic Drive progressive lenses have felt much more comfortable driving both during the day and at night.
Magic Drive progressive lenses can be recommended for general use.
  • Improves the visual experience of the wearer when driving in daytime and nighttime conditions.
  • Optimized vision for a better view of the dashboard and mirrors.
  • Reduces visual fatigue symptoms when driving at night.
  • Increased visual sharpness improves focus on the road while driving.