A well-thought-out safety policy of the company significantly reduces the risk of workplace injuries. Our vision is important and it is important to choose high-quality safety goggles that will not only “protect”, but also increase the probability that the user will actually wear goggles throughout the working day due to their excellent comfort and fit.

All uvex goggles are EN166 and EN170 Personal Eye Protection European Standard certified for protection of eyes from UV light and mechanical damage. 

How to choose the right goggles?

Employers are obliged to provide workers with appropriate protective equipment when the risk assessment deems it necessary. When choosing glasses suitable for employees, several criteria need to be considered. The first and most vital thing to remember is that one size of glasses does not fit everyone. The shapes of the head and face vary from one person to another, so we recommend that the employees choose the glasses themselves. This will achieve a proper fit, which is crucial for the safety of the user, and increase the likelihood that the glasses will be used by the employee throughout the working day.

A good fit also takes into account the “wearability” of the safety goggles, which should include the following:

  1. The glasses should offer a light fit with low pressure and even weight distribution.
  2. The hard and soft components that are positioned in the area of eyebrows, nose pads and temples should provide comfort and ensure that the glasses will sit firmly on the face.
  3. Flexible features such as lens tilt and extended temples should allow users to achieve a perfect tight fit.

Is the combination of non-prescription goggles and regular prescription glasses optimal?

Many users solve workplace vision problems by using a combination of non-prescription eyeglass protection and conventional prescription glasses. While this combination meets the legal requirements for vision protection, the benefits end here.

There are many downsides to this approach:

  • strong unwanted reflections of light from four surfaces,
  • wearing discomfort,
  • narrow field of view,
  • misting,
  • time-consuming cleaning …

NOT RECOMMENDED Strong light reflections with safety goggles combined with hard-coated prescription spectacles

WE RECOMMEND uvex Safety RX: due to anti-reflective coatings, light reflections are completely eliminated

Alcom recommends uvex Safety RX spectacles

Using uvex safety prescription goggles will solve following problems:

  • anti-reflective coatings almost completely eliminate disturbing light reflections,
  • lenses provide comfortable vision for all-day use,
  • wide field of vision, especially with RXd and Sport spectacles it is almost unlimited,
  • the lenses have a clean coat for minimised misting and easy cleaning.