At Alcom optics we produce high quality prescription lenses for sport and safety frames. Jaka Završan, multiple slovenian motocross cup winner and championship winner asked for our help in improving his vision while riding his motocross bike.

He didn’t like conventional solutions, such as contact lenses and clip ins. He tried them all but their disadvantages proved to be too big to be able to use them.

After the initial consultations and measurements, we produced sport corrective lenses for patented SK-X Technology motocross goggles.

Sport corrective lenses

Sport prescription lenses are a product developed especially for sport spectacles.

Regardless of the horizontal curvature of the frame, the pantoscopic angle, the base curvature of the lenses, the user always gets the thinnest and lightest prescription lenses with excellent optical characteristics.


An advanced algorithm system calculates free-form surfaces to compensate for aberrations caused by angled installation of lenses in sport spectacles. Users will  obtain an optimal field of view, without prismatic and swimming effect, no matter the frame shape.

Integrated SK-X® technology

Integrated SK-X® technology (USA and EU registered patent) is providing motocross and ski goggle users with completely new dimensions of perception of environment. Prescription lenses are directly integrated on the inner side of the front shield. 


Prescription sport lenses are precisely adjusted with their front surface curve being positioned parallel to front shield curve. Prescription part is hermetically sealed and glued to the front shield to keep any particles away and ensure for easy cleaning. An additional spacer provides distance between the front and prescription part to prevent fogging.

Curved sport lenses have a wider field of view in comparison to conventional clip ins, allowing for easier coordination and balance of the users. They experience better stability and comfort while riding a motocross bike or skiing.

Jaka Završan

I’ve been riding motocross bike since my childhood days. It’s an extreme sport, where vision and concentration play a crucial role. Few years ago, I’ve been diagnosed with shortsightedness and ever since I’ve been looking for a solution to improve my vision while riding a motorbike.

I’ve been to many opticians and consulted more than a few experts, but was always offered either contact lenses or clip inserts. Both solutions proved to have weaknesses that made me eventually not use them, not even while training. Just as I thought I’ll have to come to terms with the fact that my motorbike vision won’t be optimal, I came across Alcom d.o.o., a company from Kranj, that is specialised in production of prescription lenses for sport frames.

They introduced their product to me and I realised that this is a high tech, professional company, looking for new challenges. The product I’ve been introduced was perfect, because it excellently fits my motocross goggles and stays in place during my ride, when many shakes and bumps are present. The googles didn’t fogg up at all and the best of all is the fact, that I can place the prescription front shield in any other motocross goggle of the same type in no time. With the help of Alcom company I have regained my vision and began to enjoy the ride even more than ever before. I’m very grateful for this.