Instructions for using glasses, including the anti-reflective lenses:

1. Always remove the spectacles from your face with both hands.

2. Store them in a case or place them with the lenses facing up. This will prevent scratches on the lenses.

3. Do not expose them to temperatures higher than 40°C (car, sauna, hair dryer, heating elements, grill).

4. Clean them in lukewarm water with a neutral dish detergent, then rinse them with running water.5.

Do not expose the spectacles to aggressive substances and solvents.

6. On the way, clean the lenses with a cloth and cleaning solution. The cloth should be made of microfiber and always clean, so store it in the included case.

7. The microfiber cloth can be washed and reused, washing up to 40° C without fabric softener. It is rubberized on one side for better grip, so it thoroughly cleans the surface. Get the cloth from your optician!

Download instructions for use (pdf, 1 MB)

Quick and effective cleaning of the lens with a microfiber cloth