Ana Umer: The European Archery Federation confirmed my European record. If I don’t have awesome glasses, I don’t know who has them! Thanks again!

Ana is a great archer. Because she needs prescription glasses, she contacted Alcom about the possibility of making glasses for her.

When shooting, the gaze is directed right next to the nose, and with existing glasses, this meant looking between the nose and the glasses.

To provide her with viewing through prescription glass, we chose uvex sportstyle RXi 4102 sports glasses, where the glass is mounted in the upper part of the frame. On the inside of the glasses, we increased the shape of the lenses to practically touch the nose. Ana is now looking through the glass and her vision is completely corrected, giving her excellent vision and of course accurate shooting!


Ana’s gaze through the lenses during the aiming

uvex Sportstyle RXi 4100