Excellent vision with increased image stability

An innovative method called Steady dramatically reduces side distortions.

The “Steady Method”, which is only available for Fusion Steady glasses, uses strict diopter control, which virtually eliminates spherical defects in the side areas of the glass. The result is a significant reduction in astigmatism, allowing the user better side vision and superior image stability.


Features and benefits:

  • Double-sided personalized progressive glass for all-day wear
  • Better image stability, even in dynamic conditions, thanks to the Steady methodology
  • Reduced swimming effect and excellent peripheral vision
  • Superior optics thanks to Camber ™ technology
  • High manufacturing accuracy and personalization thanks to nanoHDVision technology
  • Variable inset
  • Reduction of thickness and curvature

Ideal user

Experienced or advanced users looking for premium progressive lenses and demanding extended fields of view and minimal side distortion.