Alcom is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. In 1992, we founded the company together with my parents, Ivan and Danica. The entrepreneurial mindset is based on the 27 years of experience in producing metal and plastic components for the electrical and automotive industries since 1965, founded by my parents.

In the early beginnings, Alcom produced lenses from organic and mineral materials. Soon we introduced the assembly department – mounting lenses in frames.

In 2009 we introduced freeform technology into the production process, which enabled us to manufacture individual progressive lenses.

In 2012 we developed Sport and Magic Alpha Sport lenses for mounting in curved sports frames. We are still one of the few companies, that can produce lenses with relatively high diopters, even up to 8D.

That year we also became sales and service representative for Huvitz devices. We included diagnostic and refraction devices as well as edging devices to our production.

In 2017 we began our cooperation with uvex, the largest manufacturer of personal protective equipment in the world. We obtained a license for production and sale of protective corrective lenses, according to the EN166 standard in the countries of the Adria region.

In 2020 we became a licensed company for the production and sale of SK-X corrective ski and motocross goggles for the Adria region.

My wife Barbara also plays an important role in the company, taking care of finances, personnel, customer support, and I could go on and on!

Dejan Aljančič

Alcom team

Without our team of employees, who are responsible for the lion’s share of our growth and success, it simply wouldn’t be possible. When the company was founded in 1992, the company had three employees. As the company grew, so did the Alcom team, which today has 20 employees.

alcom promoters

The quality of our products is corroborated by Alcom Optics promoters.

Rajmond Debevec

“In the intensive search for a solution, I was very lucky that my optician directed me to the company Alcom, which is engaged in the production of corrective glasses. We quickly found mutual interest, and their experts listened to my wishes and made a set of corrective lenses of exceptional quality for my shooting glasses. “The Falcon’s Eye regained its sharpness and I won a bronze medal at my eighth appearance at the 2012 London Olympics.”

Mr. and Mrs. Štremfelj

“Uvex frame fits me perfectly and doesn’t bother me during long-term use. Alcom progressive photochromic lenses Magic Alpha VIP Sport, provide just the right dim during day and night. In short, a top product. ”

Viki Grošelj

“For professional alpinism, I use Magic Sport progressive lenses and uvex Sportstyle RX goggles.”

Jaka Završan

“Just as I thought I’ll have to come to terms with the fact that my motorbike vision won’t be optimal, I came across Alcom d.o.o., a company from Kranj, that is specialised in production of prescription lenses for sport frames.”

Jaka uses 100% Armega corrective motocross goggles.

Ana Umer

The European Archery Federation confirmed my European record. If I don’t have fancy spectacles, I don’t know who has them! Thanks again!

For Ana Umer, we made specially designed uvex half-rim glasses, in such a way that they ease on the nose when shooting.

Peter Vesel

Peter uses uvex cycling frame with progressive lenses for far and near vision. Lenses are produced with photochromic material witch helps his eyes to adapt to different lighting conditions in races and during training.

Nika Gačnik

Nika Gačnik uses sports prescription lenses. Sports prescription lenses helps her to better estimate the distance to an obstacle, witch is crucial in horse agility competitions.

Aleš Fevžer

Since I wear Magic Alpha Sport glasses, I don’t need a zoom anymore! ”

Marko Baloh

Marko is an extreme cyclist. We have produced several progressive sports lenses for RAAM, Race across America. With progressive sports lenses, he can see well at distance, and above all, he has perfect vision to cycling computer with important information about the race.

business partners

I have to thank our business partners for reaching the milestone of 30 years of business together. You attended the event in large numbers, which fills me with optimism that we will be doing business successfully for at least the next ten years until the next gathering.

Thank you all!