GP Gorenjska: Terme Snovik by Kamnik – Zatrnik (154,7km), on Sunday, 21.5.2023.

Alcom is the sponsor of the GP Gorenjska with the start in Terme Snovik near Kamnik and the finish in Zatrnik (154.7km), on Sunday 21/05/2023. At the finish line, we will present our uvex sports spectacles with dioptric lenses. Test yourself with the climb of Zgornje Gorje–Zatrnik, length 4.7 km and 302 meters of elevation […]

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Jaka Završan “Goggles that helped me get my eyesight back”

At Alcom optics we produce high quality prescription lenses for sport and safety frames. Jaka Završan, multiple slovenian motocross cup winner and championship winner asked for our help in improving his vision while riding his motocross bike. He didn’t like conventional solutions, such as contact lenses and clip ins. He tried them all but their […]