“In the intensive search for a solution, I was very lucky that my optician directed me to the company Alcom, which is engaged in the production of corrective glasses. We quickly found mutual interest, and their experts listened to my wishes and made a set of corrective lenses of exceptional quality for my shooting glasses. “The Falcon’s Eye regained its sharpness and I won a bronze medal at my eighth appearance at the 2012 London Olympics.”

Rajmond Debevec
An Olympian
Gold medal Sydney 2000, bronze medal Beijing 2008, bronze medal London 2012

“For professional alpinism, I use Magic Sport progressive lenses and uvex Sportstyle RX goggles.”

Viki Groselj
10 eight-thousanders (Makalu 8463 m, Manaslu 8163 m, Broad Peak 8047 m,
Gasherbrum II 8035 m, Cho Oju 8201 m, Lhotse 8516 m, Mount Everest 8848 m, Shisha Pangma 8046 m, Kanchenjunga 8586 m, K2 8611 m, Cho Oju 8201 m)

Climb to the highest peaks on all continents
Europe: Mont Blanc, 4807 m, Elbrus 5642 m, Africa: Kilimanjaro, 5895 m, South America: Aconcagua, 6959 m, North America: Mount McKinley, 6194 m, Australija: Mount Kosciuszko, 2226 m, Asia: Mount Everest, 8848 m, Antarctica: Mount Vinson, 5140 m

Viki Grošelj

“The glasses fit me perfectly and don’t bother me long-term use.
They just darken my eyes and their color is pleasant.
I have never been dewy, in short a top product. ”

Andrej Stremfelj
Uses progressive lenses Magic Sport and spectacles uvex Sportstyle RX.
In background Mera Peak, Nepal

Gasherbrum 8068 m, Everest 8848 m, Broad Peak (8047 m, together with his wife Maria), Gasherbrum 2 (8035 m), Shisha Pangma (8027), Everest (8848 m, together with his wife Maria, they were the first married couple in the world to climb Mount Everest), Kanchenjunga, (8476 m, Championship route in an alpine way with Marko Pretzel, awarded the Golden Axe), Cho Oju (8201 m): the third ascent to the eight-thousandth with his wife, Daulaghiri (8172 m, together with his wife Maria their fourth common eight-thousandth).

In 1992 he won the Bloudek Award and the Golden Ice Axe for conquering Mount Kangchenjunga with Marko Prezl. In 2018 he was the first Slovenian alpinist to receive a Golden ice axe for his life’s work.

Since I wear Magic Alpha Sport glasses, I don’t need a zoom anymore! ”

Ales Fevzer
Professional photographer
Olympic games, Grand Slam, F1, Camel Trophy, Camel Wild Water Challenge, PGA golf tournaments.

“Magic Alpha Vip progressive lenses give me great vision in the distance, near and in the middle distance.”

Mag. Ales Lisac
Marketing, Direct marketing, Marketing-Guru, Sales, Rhetoric

“When communicating with colleagues and patients, the gaze tells me more than words…” said Dr. Matjaž Fležar.

At Alcom, we made him a Reader glass for comfortable reading and computer use. The extended field of vision allows him good vision when communicating with patients and colleagues.

Dr. med. Matjaz Flezar
University Clinic for Lung Diseases and Allergies Golnik

The European Archery Federation confirmed my European record. If I don’t have fancy spectacles, I don’t know who has them! Thanks again!

Ana Umer
European archery record holder