Reader – natural viewing when working at a desk or in a space with widest near and mid-range vision zones

Indoor lenses Reader are intended for near viewing with entended vision zone. These lenses are also very suitable for mid-range work, where glasses for near viewing are unsuitable and where progressive lenses have limitations in the width of vision zone. They have very little lateral distortion.


Indoor lenses Reader are a great addition to progressive and bifocal lenses, as they offer freedom to the user when working on a computer, at a desk, reading or doing domestic activities. They are recommended for all indoor activities.

Unifocal (single vision) lenses Reader
reader_SV_EN2 reader_RD_EN2
Short vision zone forces the user in unnatural and exhausting position Extended viewzone allows user to have natural and relaxed position also by long time use of spectacles with lenses Reader


Purpose of use

  • ideal for users who spend a lot of time viewing at near and mid-range distances (computer, reading and indoor work, office, cooking, painting, music)
  • the best lens for office work
  • not suitable for distance viewing (sports, driving, …)



Reader lenses come in three variants:


Ideal for users who mainly view things up to 1.33 meters far. Due to low reductions (degressions) the vision zones are extremelly wide, working on a computer is very comfortable, monitor view is excellent.

Purpose of use: close up work and mainly working on a computer, even with a larger monitor.


Balanced design for users who demand sharp vision for near viewing and at a desk. Reductions are slightly larger than at the Monitor variant, and enable viewing of up to two meters. Especially suitable for users who work with customers, e.g. in a shop, bank, office …
Purpose of use: close up work, computer, viewing at mid-range distances.


For users who need sharp vision for close up and indoors. Longest viewing distance is four meters. Slightly narrower vision zones, which is why we don’t recommend these lenses for widescreen monitors.
Purpose of use: close up work, indoor viewing.

Adaptation warranty
All Reader lenses are 100% checked with Dual Lens Mapper device for surface analysis, which ensures top optical lens quality.
More …

Model comparison

Reader Monitor Reader Work Reader Room
length of vision zone 33 to 133 cm length of vision zone 33 to 200 cm length of vision zone 33 to 400 cm
User’s ADD vision zone with unifocal lenses (cm) Reduction (Add – 0.75) Reduction (Add – 0.50) Reduction (Add – 0.25)
 0.75  33 do 125  0.50
 1.00  33 do 90  0.50  0.75
 1.25  33 do 78  0.50  0.75  1.00
 1.50  33 do 63  0.75  1.00  1.25
 1.75  33 do 59  1.00  1.25  1.50
 2.00  33 do 52  1.25  1.50  1.75
 2.25  33 do 48  1.50  1.75  2.00
 2.50  33 do 42  1.75  2.00  2.25
 2.75  33 do 40  2.00  2.25
 3.00  33 do 38  2.25

Instructions for ordering:

1. Usually far diopter, addition and model are provided. Available models are Monitor (vision zone of up to 133 cm), Work (vision zone of up to 200 cm) and Room (vision zone of up to 400 cm).
2. If the user does not use far glasses or there is no information on far diopter, near diopter and model (vision zone length) are provided. Please make sure when ordering to mention that you are sending the information for near diopter! In this case we assume that addition equals near diopter, while far diopter is written on the bag for information purposes.
3.  Model selection with the customer, with the information that the Monitor model has wider vision zones, and the Room model has greater viewing distance.
4. Minimal fitting heights: from the cross to the bottom 18 mm, to the upper edge 12 mm, MINIMAL FRAME HEIGHT 30 mm.
5. Centering and mounting: a cross on the pupil with head being relaxed – as with progressive lenses.
6. It is not allowed to use these lenses when driving!

For precise and quick measurement of individual parameters we recommend devices such as Cyclops. More.


Additional treatments:


More about micro engravings (pdf, 53 KB)

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