Spectacles for computer work uvex VDU – Visual Display Unit

VDU glasses are designed for users who spend a lot of time working with computers.

Lenses for uvex VDU

Spectacles have built-in:

  • single-vision lenses
  • individual single-vision lenses uvex HD
  • lenses Relax with near addition for younger presbiops
  • lenses Nahcomfort Optima and Distanzkomfort Optima with smaller reductions

Lenses BlueViolet Blocker

The version BlueViolet Blocker effectively blocks harmful blue light, that is emitted by computer monitors. This way, the eyes will be much less tired after a full day work with your computer.

Morea about lenses BlueViolet Blocker …

Spectale lens technology and body posture at computer workplaces

Different viewing distances at the monitor, keyboard and reading materials at office workplaces can cause vision related problems and body posture.
After 40 years of age, the eyes are increasingly difficult to adapt to different viewing distances. In order to be able to focus on different distances, users of spectacles place the head and body in an unnatural position.

The pictures describe differences between different types of glasses, the potential impact on the user, and how Nahcomfort and Relax glasses overcome most of the problems that users experience when working with a computer.

VDU Prog
Varifocal lenses are designed to give the wearer focused vision from 40 cm onwards. However, to see the computer screen clearly through the middle and lower areas of the lens, the wearer has to change their normal head posture and hold their head at an unusually high angle. This can result in permanent straining of the shoulder and neck muscles.
Single-vision lenses, as used in standard reading glasses, enable the wearer to see clearly at a normal reading distance of between 30 cm and 40 cm, which is the ideal distance for keyboards or printed documents. However, if an employee also wishes to see the computer screen and the surrounding area clearly, it is necessary to lower the head and look over the top of the reading glasses. This unnatural head posture puts a severe strain on the shoulder and neck muscles.


Nahcomfort lenses are specially designed to suit computer-based workplaces and provide unrestricted vision at VDU workstations. The advantages are: – seamless focused vision from 30 cm to approx. 2 meters – the head remains in an ideal position allowing keyboards, computer screens and work documents to be seen clearly – a marked reduction of posture- related complaints, because the head and neck remain in a natural position

Collection of spectacles uvex VDU


6110.034 3108_1400 54x18
uvex VDU 3108 6110.034
6110.033 3107_1000 55x17
uvex VDU 3107 6110.033


6110.024 2104_1900 54x18
uvex VDU 2104 6110.024
6110.057 3900_5000 53x16
uvex VDU 3900 6110.057


6110.056 3118_7190 55x17
uvex VDU 3118 6110.056
6110.055 3117_1590 48x20
uvex VDU 3117 6110.055
6110.054 3116_5500 53x17
uvex VDU 3116 6110.054
6110.052 3114_1000 52x16
uvex VDU 3114 6110.052
6110.050 3112_1233 54x17
uvex VDU 3112 6110.050


6110.048 3512_1341 52x18
uvex VDU 3512 6110.048


6110.046 3510_1025 52x17
uvex VDU 3510 6110.046
6110.039 3508_1000 54x18
uvex VDU 3508 6110.039

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