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The protection of eyes at the workplace is very important.

Alcom, uvex and opticians with their knowledge of optics, protective eyeglasses and workplace ergonomics technology offer an integrated visual protection solution:

  • determination of dioptres (refraction)
  • determination of individual optical parameters
  • manufacture of glasses with EN 166 certificate
  • eyeglass adjustment
  • counseling

Alcom is a licensed manufacturer and distributor of individual safety spectacles for the Adria region.


Alcom produces lenses and mounts them in uvex frames.

uvex is testing complete spectacles on regular basis.

uvex is the leading European manufacturer of protective equipment. More about …


The benefits of uvex protective eyeglasses before the combination of ordinary protective + usual dioptric glasses

Many users resolve problems with workplace vision by using a combination of non-prescription protective goggles and conventional dioptric eyewear. This combination, however, meets the legal requirements for the protection of vision, but the benefits are no longer here.

Problems with such use:
– strong unwanted reflections of light from four surfaces,
– discomfort of wearing,
– a narrow field of vision,
– dew,
– time-consuming cleaning, …

The use of uvex safety protective glasses solves all the problems:
– antireflective coatings almost completely eliminate disturbing reflections of light,
– eyewear is comfortably used throughout the day,
– the field of vision is wide, especially in the case of RXd and Sport glasses, where it is unlimited,
– lenses have a clean coat for less dew and easy cleaning.


Strong light reflections by protective goggles in combination with corrective glasses with hard-coat


uvex Safety RX: because of antireflective coatings, the reflections of light are completely undisturbing




Catalogue of uvex safety eyewear

Catalogue Alcom uvex EN 2020
Click for download of pdf file Catalogue 2020 (38 MB)


Testing of spectacles with a steel ball at a speed of 45 m/s (162 km/h).  A metal frame was tested, lenses were made of polycarbonate.

The glasses passed the test successfully – the frame was not deformed, the lenses remained in the frame and did not break, the eye was completely protected.





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