For glasses with screws – Trivex

Light organic lens with HMC additions.
Due to its excellent strength it can be only 1.2 mm thick in the center of the lens and is thinner than polycarbonate at negative diopter values. Minimum thickness at the screw is only 1.2 mm, which means that even diopter lens can be extremelly thin.

Trivex is currently the only lens that combines the characteristics of Polycarbonate and CR39.
Its strength makes it very suitable for frames with screws or nylon. There are no internal tensions in the lens, so it does not break when drilling a hole in it. Compared to polycarbonates, Trivex is resistant to solvents.

Lenses are made of original PPG® material.
The latest variant also with Transitions Signature VII. Quicker clearing of the lens from darkened state.
Very suitable for night driving.


 increased stock range – now also in ø70 in diopters up to +3.00
NEW – stock Trivex Opal ø70 up to +3.00 diopters

NXT and NXT Polar

The basis of every polarized NXT lens is Trivex® material.
This is a state-of-the-art polymer derived from technology that was originally developed for military airplanes.
Surprisingly light Trivex® material provides a complete balance of visual and physical qualities and enables unbelievable durability and protection, along with high optical clarity.
NXT® is simply the best material for demanding sun lenses.


Light Translation Technology®   

Every NXT® lens is made with Light Translation Technology, a combination of revolutionary material and light reflection technology that satisfies even the most demanding customers.
NXT® lenses are the only lenses that improve clarity and detail of the image in all light conditions, and are also highly resistant to impacts.



Every NXT® lens is designed to let through the light from a particular part of the spectrum and optimizes the reflection within the entire spectrum.
NXT® lenses allow for much more than simple cosmetic corrections, as they filter light at different wavelengths, thus improving the viewing by controling contrast, colours and image clarity.

Benefits of Trivex and NXT lenses:
excellent strenght, ideal for glasses with screws and nylon
• no danger of breaking next to drilled holes
• very light
low chromatic aberration – Abbe value 45
solvent resitant
minimum thickness at the hole only 1.2 mm
• Transitions variant: quick reaction time from 11 to 85% darkening
100% UVA and UVB protection
• Trivex is very suitable for night driving

NXT lenses are available in following colours:

colour name absorption %


transmission category

gray NXT Gray 85 3
brown NXT Brown 85 3
G15 (green gray) NXT G15 85 3
copper NXT Copper 85 3
orange NXT Orange 50 1
olive NXT Olive 70 2
polarised gray NXT Polar Gray 85 3
polarised brown NXT Polar Brown 85 3
polarised G15 NXT Polar G15 85 3
photocromatic gray NXT Varia Gray 60 – 88 2 – 3
photocromatic brown NXT Varia Brown 60 – 89 2 – 3
photocromatic copper NXT Varia Copper 55 – 84 1 – 3

Darkening of photocromatic lenses depends on the temperature. The lenses are darker at low temperatures.



Trivex – Tribrid

Thinned Tribrid lens for higher diopters

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