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SWISS Polarized HPL

SWISS Polarized HPL lenses are particularly suitable for active people who are always out and about and want to protect their eyes from unpleasant and harmful sunlight.

HPL technology  (with every lens manufactured to meet the wearer’s individual needs) also allows us to manufacture high-precision, polarized lenses.

In SWISS Polarized HPL lenses, the entire surface is simulated and analysed with the aid of HPL technology, thus ensuring the wearer extremely precise, sharp, vivid and glare-free vision.

Combines the benfits of HPL technology with polarization to ensure the wearer enjoys extremely exact and sharp vision with optimised glare reduction.

  •  Perfect for active, dynamic spectacle wearers looking for a high precision vision
  • All activities where anti-glare vision is important, e. g. golf, sailing, driving and skiing
  • Anti-glare vision by means of absorption of horizontal light waves
    Improved contrast and colour perception
  • 100 % UV protection
  • Available in Polarized brown 80 % and Grey 85 %
  • Plus Drivewear

SWISS Drivewear HPL

Another option for high-precision, glare-free vision, enhanced contrast vision, and excellent colour vision is Drivewear. Drivewear lenses are particularly suitable for drivers as they also darken behind the windscreen.

  • Photochromic, polarized lenses
  • Combines all benefits of polarized self-tinting lenses
  • Not only reacts to UV light, but also to brightness
  • Darkens behind the windscreen
  • 100 % UV protection

drive-3-3 drive-1-1drive-2-2

Technology of corrective and protective lenses

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