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SWISS Computer HPL and SWISS Inside HPL lenses from SWISS Optic were specially developed to reduce such symptoms as blurring and eye strain along with general complaints that may arise when using a computer. As Computer HPL  and Inside HPL lenses broaden vision zones at computer, office or reading distance, the wearer assumes a more natural posture in front of the screen. Complaints (neck ache, back ache, shoulder pain or headache) caused by poor posture can thus be avoided or reduced.

SWISS Inside HPL is designed especially for changing eye movements in the office and at the workplace.
It is available in two variants for individual seeing distances of 2 m or 4 m.
The near area in both versions is distinctly wider than in progressive lenses. The proven HPL technology additionally reduces irritating aberrations. All this put together allows the wearer a clear, comfortable and precise vision at the workplace, during meetings, presentations and talks.

  • For all presbyopic wearers looking for the best room distance lens as a supplement to progressive lenses
  • Reduces visual fatigue
  • Optimises visual acuity and quality

SWISS Computer HPL is a premium near vision lens especially created for presbyope computer users:
Extremely wide high definition vision area at computer distance

  • Reduction of aberration of higher order to a minimum
  • Offers both larger and wider near and intermediate distance zones than progressive lenses
  • Enables a more ergomomic head position whilst using a computer

For presbyopic spectacle wearers 40+ who wish to have an optimum supplement to their progressive lenses for
computer use. Ideal for wears who suffer from visual issues when working with computers.



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