For better vision without glare – Opal and iSV

Opal lenses are light organic lenses with anti-reflection coating on both sides. Anti-reflection coating prevents glare and significantly improves vision, so majority of lenses are made with this addition.

Opal lenses are known for high optical quality, contain hard coating for better life service, multilayer anti-reflection coating for better vision, and hydrophobic coating for reduced fogging and easier cleaning.

Opal lenses are approximately 50% lighter than mineral (“glass”) lenses.

Lenses are available in different materials:

– Opal 1.50 with refraction index 1.50 for small diopters,
– medium-thinned lenses Opal 1.56
– Opal 1.61 and Opal 1.67 for higher diopters,
– Opal Trivex for glasses without frames, on screws.

For highest diopters there are Opal 1.74 lenses available. These are the thinnest organic lenses in the world. They are made of light organic material and are virtually unbreakable. Both sides of the lens have scratch-resistant coating, anti-reflection coating, and hydrophobic coating for easier cleaning and to prevent fogging. The lenses are highly recommended for higher diopters.

Lenses can be coloured in different shades and degrees of darkening. Transition colouring can be used, so that the upper colour is darker and the bottom colour brighter; also possible is having one colour for the top part of the lens and other for the bottom part.

Lenses Opal are also available in BlueViolet Blocker in refractive indices 1.50, 1.61 and 1.67. This material effectively block damaging blue-violet light. More about …

We recommend that care is taken when handling Opal lenses, especially if anti-reflection coating is added – recommendations can be found at Spectacles cleaning and care.

Opal Ultra/UV
is the latest anti-reflection coating by Alcom Optics. In comparison with conventional Opal anti-reflection coatings, Opal Ultra/UV has an improved hydrophobic coating. This coating makes lenses:
– extremelly smooth, which makes it more difficult for dirt and dust to get stuck to lens surface,
– easier to clean,
– less prone to fogging.
Lenses are smooth on touch, water drops “bounce off” the surface and flow off the lens.
Lenses with IAD coating have longer service life since it is more difficult for hard particles to reach the lens, and they cause less damage. Opal Ultra/UV lenses have a two-year warranty.



New individual unifocal lens iSV inherited nanoHDVision technology from very successful Magic Alpha and Sport/Lux lenses. This results in completely personalized unifocal lenses for the user. The result is considerably improved vision at larger spheres (above ±2.00) and cylinders (nad ±1.00) across the entire lens surface, even outside the optical center.

Adaptation warranty
All Magic Alpha lenses are 100% checked with Dual Lens Mapper device for surface analysis, which ensures top optical lens quality.
More …

For precise and quick measurement of individual parameters we recommend devices such as Cyclops. More.

With conventional lenses the error increases to 0.5 diopter when viewing outside the optical center. The largest error for an iSV lens is 0.12 diopter. This is an example for a lens with a diopter of -4.00.



  • complete personalisation
  • sharp vision in all directions
  • adjustable to different curves

conventional lens – blurred image outside the optical center          iSV – the image is completely sharp


More about micro engravings on lenses (pdf, 50 KB)

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