Lenses for schoolchildren and students

When do schoolchildren and students need an eye examination?
– if they cannot read the blackboard or TV,
– if they need to squint (narrow eyes) when seeing things far away in order to sharpen the image,
– if they don’t see people waving at them, greeting them from across the street, in the hallway, on the playground etc.
– if they cannot determine the speed of the ball travelling towards them.

Opticians have a large selection of frames to choose from, and schoolchildren and students should choose a frame for their glasses themselves, as this will ensure they will like wearing them.
The frame should be light, modern, personalised to each individial, needs to adjust to the face, handles need to be wrapped correctly so that the glasses stay in the correct position.

We recommend the following lenses and glasses for schoolchildren and students:
organic (index depends on diopter),
– quality
sunglasses and sport glasses (UV protection, glare protection …),
photochromic (protect eyes outside and inside),
– for athletes and accident-prone people we recommed unbreakable lenses in combination with unbreakable glasses (titanium), …

Acomoda lenses – with lower diopter in the bottom part of the lens, resulting in reduced eye fatigue.

Lenses Magic are also available in the material BlueViolet Blocker. This material effectively blocks damaging blue-violet light. More about …

We recommend Opal Ultra/UV anti-reflection coating for all lenses to ensure sharper vision and easier cleaning.

Technology of corrective and protective lenses

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