Lenses for professionals

Protective eyewear achieves its purpose only if the users accept it and use it all the time. It is essential that corrective safety glasses have the same diopter as the user’s normal glasses, and that they meet visual and safety requirements at workplace. For the users aged over 45 it is important that safety glasses provide perfect vision at working distances.

Other specifics of the profession need to be taken into account, for example any danger of explosions, exposure to hazardous materials and strong light etc.

We recommend:

  • lens material: unbreakable Trivex or Tribrid,
  • material for strong sun: Trivex Transitions (darkens in the sun, clears indoors) or NXT with permanent darkening,
  • lenses for users under 45:
    • unifocal lenses for normal frames,
    • iSV for wrap-around frames,
    • Acomoda for those who mainly use near vision during their work,
  • lenses for users over 45 with different diopters for far and near:
    • Magic Alpha progressive lenses for all distances,
    • Reader working lenses for viewing close up and mid-range, with enhanced near and mid-range vision zones

All lenses come with 100% UV-A in UV-B protection. All organic materials are scratch resistant.

We recommend additional coatings:



Wondering about fogging? Both coatings contain a permanent self-cleaning layer called SuperClean, which reduces fogging. Water will quickly run from the lens surface and will not leave any stains. This coating is permanent and does not need to be re-applied.

Technology of corrective and protective lenses

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