Polarization lenses

When light reflects off smooth material, it horizontally polarises and causes strong glare. This light covers and distorts the viewing image. Only polarized lenses are capable of blocking distracting and dangerous light reflections. NuPolar® polarized lenses enable comfortable viewing and increase safety.

COLOURS: gray, brown, green (approx. 85% darkening)

Lenses can be made with refractive indexes 1.5, 1.61 and 1.67
New colour for index 1.5:

Grey1, initial darkening 60%, possibility of using virtually any colour, including LST.


Patented technology of manufacturing polarizing film gives excellent qualities to NuPolar® lenses:

– glare is blocked,

– colour is stable, even and repeatable,

– lenses are resistant to temperature and mechanical changes,

– hard coating improves scratch resistance,

– anti-reflection coating prevents discomforting light reflections,

– 100% UV-A and UV-B radiation protection,

– colours are natural.

Discomforting reflections when using conventional lenses

Clear image through Polar lenses

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