NEW – Opal UltraUV – Effective UV-ray protection

UV light coming from the front is absorbed in the lenses.

With standard antireflective lenses, part of the UV light coming from behind the user is reflected to the eye.

Opal UltraUV prevents the reflexion of this light, it is simply absorbed in the lenses.














Opal UltraUV is available for all organic lenses.

Absolute eye protection

Opal UltraUV, the lens colouring, polarisation, as well as the BlueViolet Blocker provide complete protection of your eyes against harmful rays.



For better vision without glare – Opal Ultra

Advantages of lenses with Opal Ultra coating:

    • no glare
    • improved vision
    • high optical quality
    • hard coating for better scratch resistance












Opal Ultra anti-reflection coating is applied to both sides of the lens.


without anti-reflection coating:glare, blurred vision.     Opal Ultra -high quality of vision

Comes with super hydrophobic layer:

high reflection angle >115° at Opal Ultra coatings
  • reduced fogging
  • easier cleaning
  • lenses are smoother on touch
  • water drops bounce off the surface and flow off the lens
  • longer service life because it is more difficult for hard particles to enter the surface and damage it
  • two-year warranty with proper use – more in Instructions for use


two-year warranty on Opal Ultra

Advantages of Opal Ultra lenses compared to uncoated lenses

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