New glasses for the extreme mountain biker Peter Vesel.

Peter is on his way to a mountain biking competition in South Africa. Find out more about the RIDE SOUTH AFRICA competition at


As he will be cycling 900km under the hot African sun, we produced the new Sport Trivex Transitions XTRActive lenses just for him. We fitted them in the Adidas a194 glasses, which were generously donated by the AMM company.

We used Trivex Transitions XTRActive for the Sport lens material, as it provides:

  • Unbreakable lenses and glasses if stones fly up from under the wheels or in the event of a fall
  • Photosensitivity for optimal vision, as he will be cycling in all types of weather conditions – even at night
  • XTRActive that provides even greater protection under the powerful African sun


The Sport lenses give you sharp vision and an unlimited field of vision which is essential when riding along the wild African roads!




Peter’s impressions after training:


After using them for a couple of weeks I can say that the change to the light when I go from sun to shade, or the other way around, is unnoticeable. It really is great! I also love that the glasses are extremely light, despite them being corrective glasses. And the fact they let the air circulate – super! Practically no condensation occurs, and even when it does it quickly disappears.

Thank you! And now, on to South Africa!

Kind regards, Peter”