Mirror effect – Mirror Blue, Blue Sky, Green, Red, Silver and Gold

Mirror effect is always “in” for lenses for sport glasses or fashion glasses.

Alcom offers durable and resistant

  • Mirror Blue
  • Mirror Blue Sky
  • Mirror Green
  • Mirror Red
  • Mirror Silver
  • Mirror Gold
  • Mirror Rose

This coating is available on all our dark lenses 1.5, 1.53 NXT, 1.61, 1.67, Polar, on single vision, Sport, progressive, …

The coatings are applied on the outer side of the lens. We recommend that they are used in combination with inner Opal Ultra/UV anti-reflection coating. Both coatings, Mirror and Opal Ultra/UV, also come with hard coating for better scratch resistance, and self-cleaning coating for easier cleaning, less fogging, and dust and dirt resistance.



We don’t recommend the mirror coating for lenses darkened less than 75%, or on photo sensitive lenses (that are very light when not activated).
The reason is the fact, that the mirror is reflecting the light in both directions. The light from behind would be reflected into the eye and the user would see the reflection of his eye in the lens.
By dark lenses is almost all light absorbed in the lens and there is no disturbing reflection.

High back-reflection (20%) by light lenses
Very low back-reflection (less than 1%) by dark lenses









MirrorBlueSky1 MirrorBlueSky2
Mirror BlueSky
Mirror Blue
Mirror Green
Mirror Silver
Mirror Red
MirrorGold1 MirrorGold2
Mirror Gold
MirrorRose2 MirrorRose1
Mirror Rose

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