Lenses for kids – unbreakable (Trivex, NXT, Opal)


Does our child need an eye specialist?

If you notice that your child has vision problems (frequent blinking, cross-eyes, rubbing one’s eyes, painful eyes or headaches, inability to identify objects, watching a computer or TV from near, drawing and reading from near), a visit to an eye specialist is needed even at an early stage of child’s development.

Eye defects

Irregularities, especially minor ones, can be detected in early stages of child’s development. These irregularities can be  corrected, if identified soon enough.

The main eye problems found at kids are:
– hipermetropia – a child has trouble seeing things close up,
– myopia – a child has trouble seeing things far away,
– astigmatism – blurry vision at certain axes,
– “lazy eye” is a serious condition found in 5-6% of children. It is commonly caused by strabismus (cross-eyes) or by a defect in one eye. The problematic eye becomes “lazy” and looses sharp vision because the brain focusses more on the healthy eye.

Eyesight is developing rapidly until the child is 18 months old. Between ages 3 and 6 all visual functions develop.

Quality glasses

Trivex lenses are organic lenses made especially for kids. They are of excellent optical quality, have anti-reflection coating, are scratch and impact resistant, light and come with full UV protection.
Also important is the spectacle frame that needs to adjust to a child’s face and must not be too heavy. Handles need to be correctly wrapped, so that the glasses stay in the correct position.

We recommend Opal Ultra/UV anti-reflection coating for all lenses to ensure sharper vision and easier cleaning.

It’s good to know

• children should read and write in good light and in a comfortable position,
• children should be at least 3m from TV and at least 40cm from the computer or tablet screen,
• light should not reflect off the screen,
• the source of light should be outside the visual field,

• children should choose the glasses – they will be more willing to use them,

• we are recommend that children wear quality sunglasses and lenses with full UV protection,
• glasses can also be made of unbreakable, rubber material,

• use a cap or a similar headwear to additionally protect your kid’s eyes,
• glasses should be kept in a case and should not be put lenses down,
• glasses should be cleaned daily with soapy water, water and a suitable cloth.

Technology of corrective and protective lenses

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