Huvitz Kaizer

Tracer / block with touch screen – HAB-8000


Automatic centering / lens measuring


precise frame scanning
tracing and hole editing time can be saved dramatically by Hole Detection feature

Exact measurement of diopter values with advanced lensmeter

Avtomatic centering of all types of lenses – unifocal, bifocal, progressive, …

simple insertion of the lens in the blocker, immediate display of the lens in actual size
during automatic blocking the data about shape and size of the eyepiece, distance between eyepiece centers and other information is immediately sent to edging device









Name Automatic tracer / blocker HAB-8000
Tracing type
Automatic 3D binocular
Tracing mode
Auto, semi-auto
Tracing size
Frame ø16.0 – 92.0mm, pattern ø16.0 – 84.0mm
Frame material metal, hard plastic, soft plastic
Data processing
FPD, Frame curve, Circumference, 3D angle, concave shape
Lensmeter camera
Imaging camera CMOS B/W 1.3M 2x Image
Measurement SPH: -10D – +10D, CYL : -6D – +6D
Increment 0.01D
Blocking tolerance -0.5 ~ +0.5mm
Axis tolerance -1° ~ +1°
Blocking method Automatic blocking with mechanical arm
Blocking pressure 3.0 kgf
Lens recognition mode
Intelligent, Auto, Manual
Lens Type Recognition
Single, Bifocal, Progressive, 3 Dot
Layout Factors
FPD, PD (Binocular, Monocular), Cyl Axis, Bridge Size, OH (△Y, Mixed Height, Box Height), Centering method (Box center, Optical center)
Edging factors Plastic, Polycarbonate, High Index plastic, Glass, Trivex, Bevel, Groove, Flat Edge, Polish, Safety Bevel
Functions Job Manager, Digital pattern, Hole Editor, Digital Scanning (Shape & Hole recognition)
Utilitieso LCD Tilting, SD Card storage, Bar Code Reader (optional)
Display 10.4 inch TFT colour LCD(1024×768), with Touch Screen
Edging size Maximum 90mm,
Minimum 18mm. Flat edging 18.5mm (without safety bevel). Bevel edging 20mm (without safety bevel)
Dimensions and weight 300 (W) x 470 (D) x 560 (H) mm / 23kg
Power Supply
AC 100 – 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption


Automatic edger HPE-8000


Innovative and quick edging:

  • natančno miling for thinned lenses, Trivex, Tribrid and polycarbonate,
  • no unwanted axis twisting – ideal for smooth, super-hydrophobic lenses


Different edging options:

  • bevel, nylon groove
  • mini bevel for shallow grooves
  • asymmetric bevel for wrap frames
  • semi U-bevel
  • hybrid grooving and beveling combined
Name Automatic edger HPE-8000
Lens material
organic lenses, polycarbonate, High index, mineral, Trivex, Tribrid, NXT and other materials
Edging Mode Beveling (Normal, Asymmetric, Mini, Auto, manual Mode), Flat Edging, Grooving (Normal, Partial, Manual mode), Safety beveling, Polishing, Miling
  • Size: 0.8mm or 1.0mm (Diameter)
  • Tilting Scope: 0° ~ +30°
  • Number of Holes / Hole size: Unlimited
  • Hole Type: Hole, Slot, Notch, Counterbore,
  • Hole Depth: 0.0 ~ 6.0mm
  • Hole coordinates: x, y
Functions Job Manager, Digital Patterns, Hole Editor, Retouch, Bevel / Groove simulation
LCD Tilting, Automatic edging Room Door, Inside Edging Room illumination,
SD Card storage, Bar Code Reader (optional)
Display 10.4 Inch TFT colour LCD (1024×768), with Touch Screen
Edging size
maximum 90mm,
minimum 18mm. Flat edging 18.5mm (without safety bevel). -bevel edging 20mm (without safety bevel)
Dimensions and weight
540 (W) x 472 (D) x 580 (H) mm, weight 51kg
Power supply 200 – 240V 50Hz
Power consumption
up to 1500 W

Automatic driller HDM-8000

Simultaneous lens cutting and drilling is possible by Smart Job Manager!
Significantly reduces the processing time by systematic data profiling algorithms.














Name Automatic driller HDM-8000
Hole Type Hole, Slot, Notch
Hole Size
ø1.00 – 10.00mm
Frame Material metal, hard plastic, soft plastic
Tilting Scope
Automatic, Manual (0 – 30°)
Hole Depth
max 6.0mm (0.0mm = Through Hole)
Slot Width 1.00mm – 4.00mm
Slot Length max 20.00mm
Dimension / weight 193 (W) x 483 (D) x 342 (H)mm / 14kg
Power Supply
100 – 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption


Kaizer HFR-8000

Tracer for remote edging / shape sending

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