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Frequent questions when choosing lenses

When working with a computer I have a problem with tired eyes. Is there any solution?

Computer screens, tablets, phones and televisions, as well as artificial ligting emit harmful blue-violet light. This light causes fatigue and pain in the eyes, but it can be effectively blocked with lenses BlueViolet Blocker. Learn more about these lenses

There are cheaper sunglasses available in shops and other places. Why buy more expensive glasses at the optician?

An important factor in the production of cheaper sunglasses are manufacturing costs. Very often cheap foil glass is used instead of quality optical glass. Foil glass does not have the same diopter across the entire lens surface, resulting in distortions that can cause problems with vision – painful eyes, headaches, blurry vision etc. Also questionable is the quality of UV protection that can wear off after a certain period and the lenses start letting through dangerous UV light.
Quality glasses of leading brands have scratch resistant coating, stable lens surface, strong frames, anti-reflection coating, permanent and full UV protection, …

Can I use “off-the-shelf glasses”?

Glasses which are part of mass production and can be used immediately are available at pharmacies, post offices, gas stations, drug stores … These glasses are suitable for short use (up to 10 minut) or as a back-up if you damage your regular glasses.
One negative aspect of these glasses is that they are made in advance and not personalised.
Glasses provided by opticians are made with considering your pupil distance, differences in diopters of the right and the left eye, astigmatism and other parameters.
Due to inappropriate parameters, long-term use of off-the-shelf glasses can lead to damaged vision and headaches.
Even if the diopter of the lenses is very similar to the one you have, it is highly likely that the distance between optical centers of your lenses does not match your pupil distance. Even a small difference between the two distances can cause prism vision, which can lead to cross eyes (strabismus).
Off-the-shelf glasses always contain spherical lenses that do not correct astigmatism, your eyes were not examined by an ophthalmologist, lenses are often made of non-optical materials. Lenses do not have anti-reflection coating for sharper vision and hydrophobic coating for easier cleaning.

What are the advantages of lenses with anti-reflection coating?

Anti-reflection coating significantly reduces discomforting reflections of light from lens surface. The image we see becomes cleaner and clearer, eyes are less tired, which is especially important during precision work, driving, studying etc.
At Alcom , anti-reflection coating is always combined with hard coating for better lens durability, and with hydrophobic coating for easier cleaning and reduced fogging. The combination of these coatings is called Opal.
More on Opal.

What are photo sensitive lenses like?

Photo sensitive lenses are made of special materials that darken in the sunlight, and clear indoors and at night. They are available in mineral and organic variants. When darkened, they completely block UV radiation. These lenses can also be fitted with anti-reflection coating for better vision, since reflected light in darker lenses is more disturbing.
More on

After the age of 45 I need different glasses for near viewing and distance viewing. Are there lenses available that combine both diopters?

There is more than one solution. One of the options are bifocal lenses. The top part of these lenses can be used to view objects far away and the bottom part of the lens for near reading/viewing. Another option are progressive lenses where the diopter changes across the entire surface of the lens; the user can use them for viewing at all distances. Continuous adaptation of diopter solves one of the main disadvantages of bifocal lenses – there is no longer a noticeable switch between far and near diopters. Also available are Magic progressive lenses for the smallest of frames.
More at
Progressives Magic.

Short instructions on how to get used to progressive lenses …


Which lenses are suitable for using a computer and for work?

For working at a computer and other desk jobs we have developed Reader lenses. These lenses enable comfortable reading and viewing close up and from a few meters away.

Because I have high diopter, I wear glasses with heavy and thick lenses. Which lenses should I choose in the future?

Weight and thickness of lenses depend on the diopter, material and type of lens, and on the size of the frame. Thus, it is wise to choose lenses made of light organic materials, at higher diopters they should be aspheric and thinned. Do not worry if organic (plastic) materials appear soft; they are protected with hard coating which makes them harder and scratch resistant. Also make sure to use a smaller frame – lenses will be significantly thinner and lighter than in a larger frame. More on light and thin lenses Opal.

Should I choose mineral or organic lenses?

The difference between mineral and organic lenses is mainly in weight – organic lenses are up to twice as light, and break much harder, so they are safer. Organic lenses come with hard coating which makes them less prone to mechanical damage – if used properly they can last as long as mineral lenses. In terms of optical characteristics, they are of the same quality as mineral lenses. Mineral lenses with refractive index 1.80 and 1.90 are slightly thinner than thinned organic lenses, but much heavier. More on light and thin lenses at Opal.

Where can I buy Alcom lenses?

Alcom produces lenses for glasses and does not sell them, so please go to your opticians where you will be able to obtain our lenses.

Where can I find more information on your lenses?

Write us to and we will aim to respond as soon as possible.

Technology of corrective and protective lenses

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