Drivers and good vision

Drivers have several requirements:

  • they need a wide, unobstructed view far ahead,
  • they want excellent vision in different light conditions such as sun, fog, rain and in tunnels,
  • they occasionally need good near vision – for reading maps, navigation, phone screen, and car settings.

CLOUDY WEATHER High-contrast green-yellow colour that allows a large amount of light to reach the eye. Polarization prevents glare that would disturb the eye in poor light conditions.




STRONG LIGHT BEHIND WINDSCREEN Copper colour blocks redundant light. It enhances red and green light. Polarization prevents glare and ensures safe driving.
STRONG LIGHT OUTDOORS Dark red-brown colour blocks redundant light and prevents the eye from being overwhelmed. Polarization ensures the best comfort in strong light.


















Each distraction affects our concentration, focus, and responsiveness.

In Alcom we offer several solutions for such demanding conditions:

Short instructions on how to get used to progressive lenses …

DriveWear lens technology provides the users with good vision in strong sunlight, accompanied by intensive glare, and in cloudy weather. Lenses colour differently in different light conditions, while the polarizer prevents discomforting glare. Lenses improve contrast and depth perception.

Polar technology with its effective polarising filter prevents glare, especially in strong sun or when the sun shines on a wet road.

To ensure optimal comfort for users with different diopters, we at Alcom make lenses personalised just for you. Taking into account your wishes, diopters, and parameters, we offer:
– unifocal lenses with the same power of correction across entire lens surface,
MAGIC Alpha Outdoor

progressive lenses,
iSV personalised unifocal lenses.

We recommend Opal Ultra/UV anti-reflection coating layer for sharper vision and easier cleaning.

Important – Drivewear lenses should be used only in natural light.

Technology of corrective and protective lenses

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