Diagnostic instruments

Biomicroscope HS-7000

Biomicroscope HS-7000

This advanced system with Galilean converging binocular type optic system offers a wider angle, live image and increased accuracy.




Yellow filter
Yellow filter is next to the eyepiece for quick insertion of fluorescent sample.
Other available filters: cobalt blue, absorption red, absorption warm, grey.
The 12-volt, 30-watt high luminance halogen lamp provides clarity for both image and video.
Magnification can be quickly selected with the five-position changer and provides a wide range of magnifications from 6x to 40x.

Unique Huvitz optic system reduces image distortion and offers accurate diagnosis.

• 12.5x eyepiece: 6x:38.5mm, 10x:24mm, 16x:15mm, 25x:9mm, 40x:6mm
• 10x eyepiece (optional): 5x:38.5mm, 8x:24mm 12x:15mm, 20x:9mm, 32x:6m

Integrated Control
The integrated omni style joystick is simple to control. A trigger button is conveniently mounted on the joystick for easy image and video capture. Images and videos can be stored simultaneously if the slitlamp is connected to
image devices.



Image sensor 1/2” Interline CCD
Image size 1,388 x 1,036 pixels
Cell size 4.65μm x 4.65μm
Resolution depth 8bit or 12bit Raw RGB, YUV 4 : 2 : 2
Transmit method IEEE 1394 (6pin)
Transmit speed 400Mbps
Frame Rate 15fps, 7.5fps, 3.75fps
Lens Mount C-Mount
Photographing External Trigger or Software Trigger
Dimensions 44mm (W) x 29mm (H) x 63mm (D)
Power consumption less than 3W (12V DC, from cable IEEE 1394)
Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for improvements.



HIS-5000 Huvitz Imaging System


From diagnosis and patient data management to presentation and image processing:

    • Patient Management
      MS Access Database system allows you to search symptoms, diagnosed information, and related contents. You can also easily manage data and history of patients.


Patient Management

  • Digital camera
    The IEEE 1394 interface in the Huvitz camera system offers you a high mega pixel resolution images with increased speed and stable data transmission.
Digital Camera

  • Camera Control
    High performance progressive scan CCD camera provides quick image capture of diagnosed images and videos in real time with a simple click on joystick button.
Camera Control


HNT-7000 Non-Contact Tonometer

Full auto tracking measurement and Corneal thickness compensation allow you easier and more precise tonometry.


  • Full Auto Tracking
    Only a button needs to be pressed to align, focus and puff the both, left and right eyes.
Full Auto Tracking


  • 5.7’’ Touch LCD / User friendly interface
    High-resolution touch LCD screen with 0 to 90 degree tilting function provides you easy and effective operation for any condition given.
5.7’’ Touch LCD/User Friendly Interface


  • “Smart Puffing Control”
    Soft puffing maximizes patient comfort. The puffing is automatically regulated after the measurement if needed.
Smart Puffing Control


  • Corneal Thickness Compensation
    For more precise tonometry, corneal thickness values of patient can be inserted to get compensated and accurate data.
Corneal Thickness Compensation



Type Non Contact type
Measurable Range 0 to 60mm Hg
Measuring increment 1mm Hg
Working distance 11 mm from the front of nozzle
Alignment mode
  • Auto (R/L shift, Alignment, Focusing, Puffing)
  • Semi Auto (Alignment, Focusing, Puffing)
  • Manual
 Interface RS232C
 Display 5.7″ colour TFT LCD (0 – 90° Tiltable)
 Printer Thermal line printer
 Power consumption System available
 Dimension 44 mm (W) x 29 mm (H) x 63 mm (D)
 Power supply AC100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
 Power consumption 80 VA
 Operating range Front / back : 40mm.  Left / Right : 90mm  Up / Down : 30mm
 Dimensions 294 (W) x 510 (D) x 462 (H) mm
 Weight 205 kg
  • main unit
  • chin rest paper, 1 pack
  • printing paper, 1 roll
  • power cable
  • dust cover
  • operation manual
Design and details can be changed without prior notice.


HT-5000 Applanation Tonometer


HT-5000 Applanation Tonometer
  • Goldman applanation tonometer
  • Digital screen makes reading possible also in the dark
  • Wide grip button enables comfortable measurement prism setting
  • Optimized algorithm enables quick IOP calculation
  • immediate operation
  • AAA battery supply ensures simple maintenance
  • tilted display is adjusted to the user perspective and provides comfortable reading


Measuring force generated by leverage weight
Installation Mountable on peg on microscope
Messuring range up to 1,388 x 1,036 pixels
Measurement divergence 0-58.84 mN
Standard divergence 49 mN =/< 3 s =/< 1.5 % of rated value
Reverse span =/< 0.49 mN
Power consumption 3V DC
Net weight 0.50 kg (with batteries, without accessories)
Design and details can be changed without prior notice.



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