Lenses for work, arts and domestic activities



Good vision is important for crafts, DIY and artistic creation. These activities often involve viewing things at different distances, from far away, mid-range and close up.

To meet our life needs, we require sharp near vision to read books, newspapers, for searching and writing on the mobile phone etc. When working on a computer, we need sharp mid-range vision. And when we go outdoors, into nature, are looking across the office, shop, hallway or hall, as well as go for longer drives, we want to see sharply at longer distances.

The best solution are progressive lenses that combine different diopters for different distances in a single lens. More on progressive lenses.

All lenses are also available in the material BlueViolet Blocker. This material effectively blocks damaging blue-violet light. More about …

Short instructions on how to get used to progressive lenses …

For longer periods of computer use or working at close distances we recommend Reader lenses for work. These lenses have enhanced near and mid-range vision zones and offer comfort during work, even at lengthy use.


We recommend Opal Ultra/UV anti-reflection coating for all lenses to ensure sharper vision and easier cleaning.

Alcom lenses for all activities

Technology of corrective and protective lenses

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