For working on a computer and in the office – Reader

Natural viewing when working at a desk or in the office

More and more people use a computer at work or for fun. Computers have made many tasks easier, however watching a computer screen is very tiring for our eyes. Our focus is shifted over 25.000-times a day between a keyboard, a computer screen, office area and co-workers. Different distances and changing light conditions are very demanding on our eyes. During particularly demanding tasks we spend a lot of time continuously looking at a screen, which reduces the frequency of blinking and lubrication of the eyes.
Likewise, our eyes distract harmful blue-violet light from displays and artificial lighting, which we are exposed during our work. To block this light, we recommend lenses Reader, made of a material BlueViolet Blocker. More about BlueViolet Blocker

Consequences of looking at a computer screen for longer periods:

    • blurred vision and headaches
    • tired and dry eyes
    • muscle tension in the neck and back due to unnatural sitting position
    • loss of concentation and higher number of mistakes



unifocal lenses

Reader lenses



The solution by Alcom

Reader Monitor lenses get rid of all the troubles associated with using a computer. The advantages of extended vision zone to 1.3 meters:

    • body posture is natural,
    • near and mid-range vision zones and wide and stable,
    • vision is comfortable and natural,
    • lenses are also suitable for other activities where near vision is used, such as using machinery and tools, hobbies, art and crafts, cooking etc.

We recommend the Opal Ultra/UV anti-reflection coating for sharper vision and easier cleaning.


Unifocal (single vision) lenses Reader
reader_SV_EN2 reader_RD_EN2
Short vision zone forces the user in unnatural and exhausting position Extended viewzone allows user to have natural and relaxed position also by long time use of spectacles with lenses Reader


Ideal work place

  • If working for longer periods, one should occasionally look in the distance
  • Also important are regular breaks, every hour if possible
  • The distance between the eyes and the screen should be between 45 and 70 cm
  • Desk surface should be between 20 and 28 cm above the height of the seat, but not higher than 75 cm
  • The angle between the head and the body in a relaxed position should be between 10° and 15°
  • Appropriate lighting is important. There should be no glare off the screen, there should not be any strong light source behind the screen.

Technology of corrective and protective lenses

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