Diopter compensation with nanoHDVision

NanoHDVision system resolves diopter and prism errors occuring when light transitions through the lens at an angle.

It is used in calculation and manufacturing of all individual lenses Magic Alpha VIP, Magic Sport, Magic Alpha, Sport/SportLux, iSV, Acomoda and Reader.

This compensation is particularly relevant for wrap-around glasses and higher diopters.

If using an ordinary focimeter, we measure a different diopter than it was provided for the order. In Alcom we use a multipoint diopter device DualLensMeter, which accounts for compensation. All freeform lenses are analysed with this device, which ensures highest optical quality. More …

Diopter measuring with focimeter

The image shows diopter measurement with a standard focimeter. Lens surface is at an angle of 90° to the focimeter’s measure light. Diopters of conventional lenses, which are not individually calculated and manufactured, are correctly measured in the optical center of the lens


User perception if compared with focimeter

However, the optical system of the eye is very different from the optical system used by focimeter, as shown in the figure on the left. The eye rotates around its own axis and  light goes through the lens under a certain angle. This also has an effect on how the diopter of the lens works – the potential error is shown in the next figure.

Angle error in a conventional lens

The figure shows the effect of light rays going through the lens at an angle when viewing in different directions. The difference between the desired and actual diopter can exceed 0.50D when viewing at an angle of 30° in relation to the optical center. This error cannot be solved


The last figure shows the working of a lens manufactured with nanoHDVision technology. Diopter is stable across the entire surface of the lens, ensuring perfect vision in all directions.


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