Easy software for ordering, tracing of frames, calculating the thickness and weight.

Allows you:

  • to remote order lenses of all types,AlcomOnlineForm1.large-1028x748
  • to review your order,
  • to start the program directly from Helios and to transfer the data automaticly from Helios to AlcomOnline (in preparation),
  • in conjunction with existing or purpose tracer allows you to send  shapes together with the order, which enables the production of lenses with optimal diameter and thickness,
  • to calculate the thickness automatically (minimum, maximum, up, nasally, temporal, down) and weight – based on dioptery, PD/height, type of lenses, material and frame …
  • to compare different type of lenses according to the thickness and weight,
  • to calculate the thickness and to view the shape of Lux lenses,
  • each lense has a predetermined optimal thickness for different type of frames (normal, screws, sport) and material (CR39, HI, Trivex, Tribrid, Polar, Transitions)
  • to introduce individual data (panto, curvature of the frame, vertex, reading distance, inset, …)
  • growing number of frames in data base
  • remote edging
  • availability 24/7
  • accurate, quick and easy work with the program

Instructions for installation:

1. Click on to link AlcomOnlineSetup (44 MB), Download, Save file. Some browsers could warn you about the safety of the file. You can confirm that you will accept the file.
Start the program AlcomOnlineSetup20160218.exe, Yes, Next, Accept, Next, leave Destination folder C:LensOrder, Install.

2. Start the program. If you need help, click Help, Remote maintenance, “Yes”. Please contact Alcom for support. Alcom will remotely connect to your computer and make sure your settings are correct and will then assist you on how to use the program.

3. Click on to menu Extras, Settings and enter your details:
– General: Select printer. The size of the print is set with Form Enlargement, so the size of lenses will be real on the printout.
– Customer data: Enter your company data:
– Customer No: this number is assigned to you by ALCOM*
– Customer group: is a data of a parent company
– Name, Street, Place, zip code: Company name, street, city, postal code
– Password: password is provided to you by ALCOM*

* please send the request for Customer number and Password here

Save is for storing data. Other data can be set up by ALCOM (remotly).

Upgrade of products and program

In Alcom we constantly improve our products and services. Each novelty is immediately available in AlcomOnline, we recommend regularly (daily) upgrades of products:

4. Click on to Extras, Product data Update online (updating lenstypes, additional treatments and frames):


For program upgrade press Extras, Program update online:


We recommend regular updating of the program. We will inform you about the available upgrades.

The program is ready for use!

How to use the program

1. All order are on the start screen. Here you can see status of your order. For a new order, click on New button



2. Select type of order:


  • Standard (order lenses without cutting to shape),
  • Remote edging (order lenses, cut to shape),
  • Glazing (order lenses, cut to shape and mounting them on to customer frame),
  • Spectacles (order lenses and frames)

NEW: With the filters on the left side you can choose refractive index (1.50 – 1.74), colour (White, Photo/Polar) and lenstype (Progressive, Mulifocal, Single vision).

3. Enter information about the client (Sph, Cyl, Axe, Add, prisms, PD, height). More on correct measuring of height:


4. Choose type of lenses (Lens Type), dyeing, additional coating. Codes for dyeing and additional layers are dependent on the type of lenses, for example dyeing cannot be done with Transitions lenses.
5. Select the diameter of lenses (Deviating, diameter), desired thickness on the edge or in the center, the base curve.
6. Into reference enter number of your order and in Remark enter your comment.
7. Click on Individual to enter additional parameters:Individual2EN
– Back vertex distance (standard 14mm, optional 0 – 30mm),
– Panto (standard Progressive 9°, Single-vision 7°, optional 0° – 25°),
– Face form angle – curvature of lenses (more on the map to measure horizontal curvature of a frame) (standard 5°, optional 0° – 21°),
– Object distance near (reading distance in centimeters) (standard 40cm, optional 20 – 60cm),
– Inset (nasal shift of near view zone in relation to far) (standard 2.5mm, optional 0 – 6mm),
– Progression length (fitting height),
– Lenticular diameter (diameter of the visual field),
– Lenticular code – thickening type in spectacles Lux (_LP for negative and _LPES for positive diopters),
– Initial engraving (half-visible engravings).

Click Save to store data.

8. If you have connected tracer, click on to Form Data tab, button Trace shape and the data of a frame is transferred from tracer. Choose type of a frame, fazeto, depth and width of a groove for, bse and curvature of a frame.
9. Instead of manual input diameter of lenses or data from tracer you can choose one of the standard frames just by clicking on to Manage form. Dimensions of the eyepiece can be changed by clicking on the Shape modification.

10. You can also choose the frame on a tab Frames. All data about frames, including the thicknesses of lenses that are required are already set. Confirm the selected frame by clicking Load frame.

11. If you want to calculate the thickness of lenses, click on to Calculate tab Lenses or Form data.
By clicking on Comparison lens, you can choose the type of lenses for thicknesses comparison.

Click on to button Calculate lens. Thickness, base curvature and weight will be calculated in 10 to 20 seconds . The same server is also used for calculating lenses in ALCOM production, so the thickness is precise and deviation is up to 0.1mm!

On the tab Calculation are some basic information about calculating spectacles:

Tab Geometry is a graphical representation of thicknesses, data on thicknesses data on the main points of lenses and weight.

By clicking the button Horzontal and Vertical cut you can see the cross-section of lenses.

On vertical section you can also see the shape and thickness of lenses Lux and also repeat the calculation with a different field of view (Exit tab Lenses, button Individual, field Lenticular diameter, Save).

The process of calculating the thickness is fully automated and can be done continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The result can be printed just by clicking Print.
Exit to exit the calculated thickness.

12. Click Save button to save the order. You can now enter a new order. By clicking on the Exit to return to the list of orders. 

Prepared order (Status Prepared) can be edited by clicking Edit button

If you want to hold your order, then mark with left click on a mouse, then right click to open the window to change the status (Change status).

By clicking Send you send your order to Alcom. Changes are possible 30 minutes after placing your order. All changes must be notified via telephone, to retain manufacturing of lenses!


ALCOM is pleased to advise you on how the use AlcomOnline. For help, press Help, Remote maintenance, OK … and then call our support, who will then connect to your computer and help you use our program!

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