Getting used to progressive lenses

Progressive lenses have three visual zones – far, transition and near – and offer sharp vision at all distances. Learning how to see best is simple and quick!


Vision zones of a progressive lens

Whatever you are viewing, always turn your head towards the objects, then raise or lower your head for the image to sharpen. In this way you will always use the part of the lens that is intended for viewing at this distance.

Viewing up and down through the lens enables smooth and seamless changing of distance for sharp vision.

A simple exercise:
– look straight through the window – this is your distance vision,
– slowly look at a close by object, e.g. desk – this is your transition vision,
– look at a piece of paper – your are viewing through a near vision part of the lens.


Now quickly change your viewing from a distance to close up and back – lenses enable seamless viewing at all distances.

Sharp vision through the lenses is changing when you raise or lower your head – you can use this technique for fine focussing at different visual tasks:
– while standing look at your feet without moving your head. Now lower your head until the image of your feet is sharp. This exercise is important when walking down or up the stairs.

Now learn about peripheral vision. Look straight ahead and move your eyes towards the side, away from the center. This part is not intended for sharp vision but helps you to orient yourself in the room. Use the central parts of the lens for sharp vision by turning your head towards the objects you are viewing.

Glasses have to be as close to the eyes as possible. If glasses are slipping on the nose, the lenses are away from the eyes and as a result the vision zones are narrower. We recommend a visit at your optician who will reset the glasses.

Download document “Progressive adaptation” (pdf, 45 KB)

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