Stekla Acomoda tudi za večjo dioptijo

Comfortable near viewing

Acomoda is individual lens that reduces eye fatigue during reading and computer work.

Calculated with
nanoHDVision technology and offers a high level of personalisation.

The lens is for the users aged 18 to 45 that often accommodate due to prolonged near viewing.

Acomoda lenses prevent eye pain, red and dry eyes, headaches etc.


  • reduced eye fatigue,
  • greater comfort for near viewing
  • for users aged 18 to 45
  • clear vision in all directions
  • ideal for active people
  • for people who read and use the computer a lot.

Available in two models:

  • Acomoda 050 has 0.50D addition and is intended for heavy computer users. The bottom part of the lens is very wide and enables comfortable viewing of a computer monitor.
  • Acomoda 075 has a slightly higher addition than the 050 model (0.75D) and is intended for viewing at near distances, e.g. for reading and precision work. Increased addition eases accommodation and offers relief to eye muscles.
  • Acomoda 100  is intended for pre-presbyope users who have visual fatigue symptoms and don’t use progressive lenses yet. It is excellent lens to prepare users on progressive lenses Magic!


Additional treatments:

Sample diopters:


ACM 050 ACM 075
far near far near
+3.00 +3.50 3.00 +3.75
+1.00 +1.50 +1.00 +1.75
+0.00 +0.50 +0.00 +0.75
-0.50 +0.00 -0.75 +0.00
-1.00 -0.50 -1.00 -0.25
-3.00 -2.50 -3.00 -2.25



Adaptation warranty

All Acomoda lenses are 100% checked with Dual Lens Mapper device for surface analysis, which ensures top optical lens quality.
More …


More about micro engravings on lenses (pdf, 50 KB)

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